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Kellyanne Conway Tells Gov. DeSantis To Sit 2024 Presidential Election Out

Kellyanne Conway is definitely not your typical woman. She’s very assertive and confident in herself and while she served under President Trump she did a very good job.

She has now expressed the opinion that she thinks that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should not run for president in 2024 and instead he should remain as governor and serve two terms there.

According to Conway, it would be in everyone’s best interest for DeSantis to not run for president in 2024.

At the Turning Point USA conference that took place in Tampa earlier this month, a straw poll was conducted. Kellyanne thinks it sent a clear message about what Republicans want in 2024.

This week, Conway stated on Fox Business Network that the TPUSA straw poll revealed that Trump had approximately 80 percent support, while DeSantis only had 20 percent support. Conway is a former and probable future advisor to former President Trump. DeSantis only has 20 percent support.

As a result of this, Conway strongly recommended that DeSantis concentrate his efforts on completing another successful term as the governor of Florida and then running a successful campaign for the presidency in 2028.

This would, in essence, smooth the way for Trump to become the nominee.

“He’s a great Governor, he’s fascinating. He could be a two-term, and he’s got a great sense for the culture warrior part too. Ron DeSantis can be the best two-term Governor in Florida in modern history and run for President before he’s 50,” Conway said.

“The poll is significant for President Trump, because Gov. DeSantis did speak on Friday night. He was well-received. He’s an unbelievably successful and consequential Governor of Florida. But it’s President Trump who led in the polls,” she added.

Kellyanne Conway has made it abundantly apparent that if Donald Trump decides to run for president, it will unquestionably cause the field to clear up. And in the event that he makes the decision not to run for office, it is quite likely that whoever takes his place will campaign on a “America First” platform.

After removing Trump’s name from the list of potential candidates, DeSantis emerged as the undisputed victor, receiving 87 percent of the vote. The big question is going to be whether or not DeSantis can keep up this kind of momentum for the next four years. But I’m sure he’ll do fine.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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