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Keem Star Voting for Trump, Threw Money in the Pot for Gamers for Trump, Mocked Gaga for Wasting Beer

The Presidential Election is almost near an end, and the cool factor of Trump’s supporters has not stopped growing, like the case of “Keem Star” a very popular live stream, YouTuber and gamer, who has come out in support of President Donald J. Trump, proving that the left does not own culture.

Mocking a goofy video by celebrity Lady gaga in support of Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Keem wrote on Sunday:

“Why did you waste the beer? And then litter? i’m going to vote for Donald Trump screw you Lady Gaga!!!”Keem wrote.

According to his WIKI page, “Daniel Keem (born March 8, 1982),[1] better known by his online alias Keemstar, is an American YouTuber and streamer.[2] He is best known for hosting the internet popular culture news show DramaAlert.”

Gamers is a huge community and one Gamers for Trump is head towards, with the purpose of expanding the acceptable of Gamers, and of Trump supporters.

It is a huge Community that many people understand lack diversity, or acceptance of Trump supporters, so it is a bold move for Keem Star.

According to Statistica, “Over 164 million adults in the United States play video games and three-quarters of all Americans have at least one gamer in their household. As the leading form of entertainment today, video games are an integral part of American culture.”

The organizers of the Fortnite event hope to offer a friendly and positive atmosphere for Conservative leading gamers of all persuasions, with their new group Gamers For Trump, which was the intent of the Halloween Night event.

A Fortnight tournament was the group’s first tournament and first event.

Keem had, just the night before, supported Bryson Gray who hosted the first tournament for Gamers for Trump, and in an exchange on Twitter threw in $400.00 to the jackpot for the prize money:

I covered the tournament:

There were more teams signed up than the servers could handle, according to the organizers, so they will expand on their next tournaments, making space for more people.

“This night is about culture,” Bryson Gray, the host said.

Gray is best known for his popular hip hop tune, Trump is your President, but he will become very popular as a leader of Gamers for Trump, as the group organized by the founder of Maga Hearts, Stephanie Lein D’Urso says the first event was a great success and they have big plans for the future.

The Stream can be found at this link:

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