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Kash Patel: “These Merchants of Menace Are Finally Coming to Light – All Roads Lead to Andrew McCabe” (VIDEO)

Former House Intelligence Committee investigator and Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Kash Patel, appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Earlier in the week, Patel accused Rod Rosenstein of lying to Congress during his testimony on the Russian Collusion Hoax. Patel claimed that the FBI, the DOJ, and Rod Rosenstein had all withheld the fact that Charles Dolan, a former DNC operative and Hillary supporter had contributed to the fake dossier.

Why did they hide this fact? It would have killed their attempt to force Trump from office by way of a coup using false information. Patel told Bartiromo that in examining the situation from what we now know about the lies told by Sussmann and Danchenko that “all roads lead back to Andrew McCabe.” McCabe was fired for lying to federal agents about the Russia Collusion story. Patel says Fiona Hill is in danger of being indicted after lying under oath as the star witness in the 2nd impeachment trial.

Kash Patel: Really quick on Fiona Hill, I think John Durham is on the case here. I think she lied to Congress there under oath. She connected the main Clinton operative, (Charles Dolan) who Devin and I had never heard of because DOJ and FBI withheld those documents from us, intentionally I believe so… We now know that his (Danchenko’s) credibility has been destroyed and these merchants of menace are finally coming to light thanks to John Durham’s great work… I think all roads lead to Andy McCabe the former Deputy Director of the FBI who was caught lying three times by the inspector general during his tenure there.

After a long time in which John Durham did seemingly nothing, he seems to be actually making inroads on the people who aided and abetted the hoax by lying through their teeth. They knew they were committing crimes at the time, but were confident Hillary would be elected and would cover those crimes up.

Once Trump was elected it became necessary to lie and stall to give themselves time to remove trump before they were discovered.


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