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Karine Jean-Pierre Calls People Who Voted for Trump, “ Extreme Threat to Our Democracy, to Our Freedom, to Our Rights” (VIDEO)

When people do bad things, they frequently accuse someone else of being guilty of doing exactly what they’re doing. They know they’re actually doing something wrong, so they look for a scapegoat.

These individuals refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes, so they cast blame on others. This is a trademark strategy of the radically progressive left. This ideology has become entrenched in America’s Democrat Party.

When Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency, they found themselves a scapegoat. Radical liberals have proceeded to include anyone and everyone who supports the popular president. Unfortunately, it’s a scam that too many Americans are falling for.

Americans are being sold a bogus bag of goods. Democrats accuse conservatives, especially “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) supporters, of being a threat to democracy. When someone takes the time to look at progressive policies and their effects, it’s the opposite.

Recently, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that all Americans who voted for President Donald Trump are “an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

This appears to be laying the groundwork for a civil war on Trump voters.

She said this with a straight face, with as much seriousness as she could muster, knowing full well it was a lie. When we look at the policies Democrats have pushed and the resulting consequences of these policies, there is an obvious truth.

The reality is precisely the opposite of what the White House Press Secretary claims to be true. Let’s look at some facts. Number one, progressive policy is to fling open the U.S. borders to anyone and everyone. It’s happening right before our eyes.

Estimates show that nearly two million illegal border crossings will happen during Joe Biden’s first half-term. This wave of undocumented people is undermining national security, overburdening our charity organizations, and making America less safe.

The Biden open border policy is working to destroy democracy. They’re doing it on purpose. But, to listen to Jean-Pierre, President Trump’s voters are the problem. They’re not. Joe Biden’s foreign policy is also completely undermining U.S. national security.

The embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan opened the door to our nation being struck by future 9/11 type terrorist attacks. Russia’s Vladimir Putin spotted a weakness. Within a few short months, his Russian army invaded Ukraine.

The world is now closer to a global military conflict than it’s been in decades. Again, America is less safe and less secure. This is a blatant threat to our freedom. To keep it, American lives may have to be sacrificed in a senseless war. However, President Trump’s voters are the problem.

They’re not. Joe Biden’s economic policies have triggered skyrocketing inflation. This has carved away at Americans’ ability to live freely. Joe Biden forced millions of Americans to get a vaccine they didn’t want. The COVID-19 mandates are a direct attack on our rights.

But everything’s the fault of those Americans who voted for President Trump. It’s not. President Trump’s supporters are called extremists. However, the core of the progressive left thinks every American should come up with $60,000 for an electric car, or walk everywhere.

Doesn’t this radically abrupt conversion to renewable energy sources seem much more of an extremist plan rather than a gradual effort to reduce our carbon emissions? It is. But President Trump voters are the extremists. They’re not.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden may have made the most idiotic reference to a political ideology being an extremist. Biden said, “For those brave right-wing American. If you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun.”

What the hell is this man saying? Is the president accusing anyone who votes against him of being a right-wing extremist just waiting for the right moment to launch a revolution? Joe Biden may appear crazy, and he is, but it’s all part of their plan. It’s called “deflection.”

Deflect the blame for everything you’re doing on someone else. This is the latest scheme being used by the radical left to hoodwink Americans. They found a convenient scapegoat in a patriotic former president and his voters. The problem is, it’s not their fault and never has been.

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