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Kari Lake to Declare Invasion of Arizona on Day One of Governorship

Kari Lake, who has just won the GOP primary for Arizona governor, said that on day one of her administration, she would declare an invasion of the state on the southern border, activating the National Guard.

Lake, a strong supporter of 45th President Donald Trump and his America First agenda, was officially declared the winner of the primary for the GOP nomination for Arizona governor on Thursday night, beating her establishment-backed candidate Karrin Taylor Robson by 2.8%.

Speaking to a crowd at CPAC Texas, Lake, who ran on the “most aggressive border security plan in the country,” was asked about the “concrete steps” her administration would take to stop the flow of illegal migrants into Arizona.

“We have an invasion at the border and on day one we’re going to call it that,” Lake said. “And we need to call it what it is in order to use the US Constitution for a remedy.”

The former Fox anchor referenced Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution. Clause 3 notes that states can only “keep Troops” and “enter into any Agreement or Compact” with another state, when they are either “invaded” or “in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

“We don’t need to wait for Joe Biden. We can’t wait for Joe Biden,” she told the crowds. “We’re going to get down there, we’re going to issue a declaration of invasion on day one as soon as my hand comes off the Bible.”

“We’re going to send our Arizona National Guard troops to the border and stop people from coming,” Lake continued, adding that they would also “finish President Trump’s wall” to stop said “invasion.”

Lake argued that given the states created the federal government, and not the other way around, Arizona under her administration will not just “sit here with Joe Biden rolling out the welcome mat to the whole world. We can’t accept people illegally like this.”

She added that they would start working with other states to form a compact, as the illegal migration crisis affects the entirety of the country, and not just those sitting directly on the border.

“If they can send the national guard to help us out, if they can send resources, we’ll work with them, and together we will get our border secure,” she added. “Eventually the other border states will then start to do the same thing.”

Lake was scathing of the actions of current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who are both “bussing” illegal migrants from their own states to Democrat-run states up north such as New York, and Washington D.C.

“It makes for a cute photo-op, but it just takes people who shouldn’t be here and moves them further in,” Lake argued. “I think we should bring the buses and drive them to the border, and then send them back the other way, because we can’t have everybody coming in.”

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