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Karen Bass Denies Links To Nation Of Islam, Despite Photos And Event Appearances, But Doesn’t Disavow Radical Group

Rep Karen Bass, a possible vp pick of Joe Biden is denying she has any links to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. This despite the fact that she has had her picture taken many times with one of the leaders of the Nation of Islam.

In 2013 Bass attended a forum put on by the main mouthpiece of the Nation of Islam. Yet, through it all Bass refuses to acknowledge any ties to the anti-Semitic and racist group. On the other hand, she refuses to say anything bad about the group either.

Her praise of Fidel Castro and this latest revelation about the NOI could put the vice presidency out of reach. Kamala Harris’ bid seems to be all but dead as well. Stacey Abrams has made her pitch for the vp job as well but it appears she was never considered for the post. I guess Democrats can’t understand why she expects them to pick a loser for vp, although Barack Obama had one.

Bass, who is a California Democrat has appeared next to the NOI’s western division leader, Tony Muhammad, on many occasions. The two both attended the same police anti-brutality event as well. But  Bass says she has never met or talked to Louis Farrakhan but Muhammad once said:

“I have to say, I thank God for Maxine Waters and Congresswoman Karen Bass,” 

“I think our Black politicians should stand down. Minister Farrakhan will take a call from Maxine Waters or Karen Bass. He will stop what he’s doing … come and correct him, he’s told them. But don’t let anyone tell you I’ve done something wrong without checking.”

A spokesperson for Bass claims that she has never met or talked to Louis Farrakhan regardless of what Muhammad said. The same spokesperson refused to answer whether Bass would be willing to denounce Farrakhan and the NOI.

From The Daily Caller

Regarding the events that both Bass and Muhammad attended, the Bass aide said that she “did not control the program, the other speakers or attendees.”

The Bass spokesperson did not address a question of whether she is willing to denounce the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan.

The Church of Scientology awarded Muhammad its highest honor in 2017. The DCNF reported Friday that Bass praised the Church of Scientology at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for one of its facilities in Los Angeles in 2010.


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