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Kamala Harris Will Fly to Honduras to Address Illegal Immigration in the US and to Attend Leftist Castro Inauguration

Since Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border, Harris has visited once for two hours in El Paso, Texas, away from where millions have crossed our border since Biden’s bosses have taken over. She still insists that we need to pump billions into South America to stem the flow of illegals. The truth is Bin’s bosses want illegal aliens and that is why his bosses told him to put Harris in charge to make sure the crisis continues.

While she is in Honduras, she will attend the inauguration of President-elect Xiomara Castro, a leftist whose husband was removed from the presidency in a military coup. What could possibly go wrong? I wonder if Honduras used the Democrat’s election tactics in order to win. Just a thought.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Daily Mail reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Honduras for the inauguration of President-elect Xiomara Castro in an effort to ‘address the root causes’ of illegal immigration.

The trip is part of Harris’ effort to ‘deepen the partnership’ between the US and Honduras to combat corruption and migration, as well as advance economic growth, the White House announced Tuesday.

Harris, 57, was tasked by President Joe Biden last year to lead the nation’s border crisis response and has faced widespread criticisms over her efforts within the role.

Republicans have mockingly nicknamed her the ‘border czar’ while also accusing her of being uninterested in actually visiting the US-Mexico border.

Since being named as the point person on the migrant crisis in March, Harris has visited the southern border just once, last June, when she spent a few hours in El Paso, Texas, before jetting off to her $5million Los Angeles mansion.

Meanwhile, illegal crossings at the border have skyrocketed since Biden took office.  Customs and Border Protection data shows agents have encountered more than 1.75 million migrants illegally crossing or attempting to seek asylum in the US last year.

How much of the border crisis will be eliminated from this trip? None. But, I will bet dollars to donuts that it results in Biden’s bosses ordering him to send money to the new Honduran government.


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