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Kamala Harris’ History Bail Reform Leads USA to be Like Portland

Democrat Vice President candidate, Sen Kamala Harris is very progressive and lenient on criminal justice in ways that make America less safe and more afraid, yet Democrat are very proud of their achievements since May in the push for reforms, and they in some advanced areas like Portland, they want to actually eradicate the safeguards Americans rely on when they been victimized.

In numerous Democrat towns city councils have passed legislation, since George Floyd’s death, which has led to the defunding of the police, bail reform, and the end of proactive policing. Look at a Portland and Minneapolis, who are leading towns for reforms.  In each case, it is liberal/progressives who are leading the push to change law enforcement.

In June, Harris used her power and authority, and platform to push for support for the bail reform movement called the “MN Freedom Fund”, powered by grassroots platform Act Blue.

In fact, as Senator, In her first major piece of legislation since taking office, to co-author the Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act of 2017—which would encourage states to stop holding accused offenders in jail who can’t pay bail for their release.

The origin of the MN Freedom Fund is Community Organizers who know how to influence lawmakers.

“If someone is held on a bond under $1,000 and doesn’t have the resources to post, a Community Organizer will bail him or her out. As long as the defendant shows up for court, the money goes back to the fund. So far, all but two have made good on that promise.

The success of the fund is already gaining traction with others in the criminal justice system. A group that includes Hennepin County judges, defense attorneys, and community organizers has been meeting since November with the goal of starting a larger-scale fund that could expand to more people and more counties,” said  Andy Mannix, a journalist who writes about MN Freedom Fund, bond reform.

Bail reform expanded to Portland and is joined with a very progressive District Attorney.

Assisted in his election with Grassroots marketing platforms and Community Organizers who are pushing for criminal justice reforms that will end the criminal justice system.

The results are criminals able to carry out numerous crimes, as in the case of a man who was freed on the bail fund in Minnesota.

And in Portland, criminals are allowed to return their crime spree.

Look at the case of the Black Trump supporter who was attacked by someone who had been previously arrested and released, progressive will tolerate any crime as long as their agenda of chaos is maintained.

In Portland, they are even more progressive, and they are aided by a Progressive Mayor, Ted Wheeler, who tells police to stand down in the country’s most violent uprisings, so we only need look to Portland to see where Kamala Harris is headed with her far-left, radical transformation of the criminal justice system.

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