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Kamala Harris Blasted For Avoiding Hardest Hit Area of Southern Border Migrant Crisis

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

For three months, Vice President Kamala Harris avoided the southern border like there was a crisis going on there that she wanted no part of. She was recently trolled by former President Donald Trump who announced that he was making a trip to the border. The Biden administration simply couldn’t have the former president, who fixed our immigration problems, visit the border before the Biden administration did, especially since they screwed up all the good things the Trump administration had done to solve our problems with illegal border crossers at the southern border problems.

Harris’s venture to the border is already coming under fire as critics are pointing out that she chose to go to a spot at the border far away from any of the areas that are hardest hit during the Biden administration’s continuing border crisis. She did it for no other reason than to be able to say she went to the border. How pathetic. Can you imagine if Mike Pence had done that?

On Friday, Harris made a trip to El Paso, Texas, only 93 days after President Biden picked her to be the border czar, which caused a real brouhaha between her people in the White House and Biden’s people in the White House because Kamala couldn’t care less about what’s going on at the border. So the two groups came to an understanding and Biden gave a speech saying that the veep will travel to other countries to deal with the “root causes” of the border crisis. All she and Biden need to do is look straight into a mirror to find the root causes.

“If Vice President Harris truly wanted to assess the situation at the border, she’d head to McAllen and sites along the Rio Grande Valley,” a senior border official told Fox News on condition of anonymity. “It will be worth seeing if this trip extends beyond a rubber stamp of ‘I visited the border.’”

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief Tom Homan said Harris “needs to go to the epicenter of this crisis.”

She doesn’t consider what’s going on at the border a crisis. The Biden administration considers it a recruitment operation for hundreds of thousands of “Unregistered Democrats” to make their way into the interior of the country and be given amnesty at a later date, something between now and the 2022 midterm elections. That amnesty will not only be handed out to 30 million illegal aliens who have lived here illegally for decades but to people who are just arriving as well. The Democrats have midterm elections to win in 2022 and they need to create as many new voters who will be loyal to the Democratic Party as possible before then.

“Instead of going there and talking to the men and women dealing with that crisis and taking care of thousands of unaccompanied children, she picks El Paso because she doesn’t want to see the devastation that her administration’s policies have caused,” he said.

“Now, El Paso, is seeing a rise in crossings, absolutely a rise in drug crossings, but when you look at the crisis, why would you not go to the epicenter and talk to the men and women of Border Patrol and see what’s going on?” Homan noted separately in a Friday interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

To confirm my beliefs, a Border Patrol agent who spoke on anonymity said he was “not surprised” Harris took this long to visit the border. “I’m not surprised. She doesn’t think this is a problem.” That’s exactly right. The Democrats are celebrating screwing up our country.

Nick Miroff, a Washington Post reporter, said that Harris’s trip to El Paso was done to give her the ability to avoid hard-hit sections in the Rio Grande Valley where local elected Democrats have criticized the Biden’s administration’s policies that are making things a real mess, while at the same time she gets to claim she went to the border. It’s so phony.

Agents in the Rio Grande sector are experiencing a substantial increase in large groups of migrants hitting the border, with more groups coming in this year already matching the number seen in the past two years combined.

Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings of the Rio Grande Valley sector also took to social media to mention the numbers off migrants coming to our border.

“Two groups totaling 264 migrants, to include 60 unaccompanied children were apprehended this weekend in Hidalgo, TX.

With 3 months remaining in the fiscal year, RGV has already matched the total number of large groups apprehended in the previous two fiscal years combined.”


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