Justice Department announced that it will change the team of lawyers that has been defending placing the citizenship question back on the U.S. census.

The fight to get the citizenship question on the ballot is not over. We have to appreciate President Trump’s persistence. So far, the Supreme has voted against adding the question to the census. Which was on there until the 1950s.

Writing the dissenting opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas said that the Supreme Court’s “only role, in this case, is to decide whether the Secretary complied with the law and gave a reasoned explanation for his decision.”

“Unable to identify any legal problem with the Secretary’s reasoning, the Court imputes one by concluding that he must not be telling the truth,” he added.

Now AG Barr said they have created a new team to get this question on the 2020 Census Ballot. But he cleared up a possible reason the last team has been removed.

Barr said he didn’t have details on why the attorneys didn’t want to continue, but “as far as I know, they don’t think we are legally wrong.”

The main opposition for the question comes from the Democrat party.

Democrats have an incentive to get as many illegal immigrants counted as possible. Under the current interpretation of the Constitution, seats in the House of Representatives are allocated based on the total population, regardless of citizenship. Illegal immigrants concentrate in Democrat-dominated areas and a higher count would thus give the areas more representatives in Congress and thus more electoral votes in picking the next president.

Some things to note about the census. Although it asks if they are a U.S. citizen, it does not ask if they are legally or illegally here in the states. And there has never been time immigration has used the census to go after illegals.

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Source: Justice Department Replaces Legal Team on 2020 Census Citizenship Question