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Justice Alito Goes Scorched Earth on Democrat Senator for Pushing an ‘Affront to the Constitution and the Rule of Law’

On Thursday, US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito fired back at Democratic members of Congress over a brief they filed in a recent Second Amendment case, and condemned them for trying to strong-arm the Supreme Court.

In remarks to the Federalist Society Alito slammed Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, that cocky, smarmy jerk from Rhode Island who came up with a wacky conspiracy theory against now Justice Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearings, who is one of the brief’s authors, for floating the idea of “restructuring” the Court in response to a pro-gun ruling.  Alito called the idea “an affront to the Constitution and the rule of law.”  And that’s about par for the course with Democrats these days.  They have become of a despicable nature who now openly show they have no respect for the US Constitution and our Constitutional rights.

The comments made by the justice, who was nominated in 2006 by President George W Bush, are raising eyebrows:  Supreme Court justices rarely trade barbs with politicians, and Alito’s blunt remarks offered a rare view inside the Court after an election cycle where packing the court was a major issue.

I contend that Democrats pushing the idea of politicizing the Supreme Court by adding even more left-wing justices who rule based on what the leftist mob wants, rarely having anything to do with Constitutional law, as a remedy to their anger over President Donald Trump nominating Justice Barrett, a Constitutional originalist and textualist, as a threat to democracy is damn kooky and should be excoriated by a sitting justice.

Alito also weighed in on issues from gun rights to the coronavirus, telling the audience that for many Democrats, the Second Amendment is “the ultimate second-tier constitutional right,” and that the broad restrictions politicians enacted to combat the Chinese virus pandemic have revealed their contempt for Religious Freedom.   The former has been understood for decades, but the latter of his argument is a topic with fresh sunlight as Democrat governors and mayors throughout the coronavirus pandemic enforced double standards that were openly apparent.  While they locked down churches and religious ceremonies claiming health arguments against spreading the virus, the same elected politicians had no problem whatsoever with protesters, looters and rioters taking to the streets all summer with zero regard to social distancing and wearing masks outside of the chaos, mayhem, death and destruction they brought to much of our society.

“Take a quick look at the Constitution” Alito said. “You will see the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, which protects religious liberty. You will not find a craps clause, or a blackjack clause, or a slot machine clause.”  Alito was referring to a Nevada law that gave the okie dokie for casinos to open but put restrictions on the number of people who could attend services in churches.  That’s because the state makes more money in tax revenues from casinos than from churches, synagogues and masques, and many Democrats hate religions because they preach that there is a higher power than government.

Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse was mentioned with a special rebuke by Alito singling out a recent brief filed by the left-wing senator and four other Democrats on a New York City firearms transportation ordinance.Whitehouse and other senate Democrats threatened that a “pro-gun” ruling would further provoke the growing movement to “restructure” the Court, which means to add leftist justices who disdain the Constitution to rig the outcome of rulings from now on.

“The senators’ brief was extraordinary,” Alito added. “I could say something about standards of professional conduct. But the brief involved something even more important. It was an affront to the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Alito went on to remind people that the Supreme Court was created by the Constitution and not by the Congress and that under the Constitution, the Supreme Court exercises the judicial power of the United States.  Alito argued that Congress has no right to interfere with that work any more than the Court has the right to legislate.

And there goes the rub.  All leftist judges in my opinion believe they have the right to legislate from the bench.  For example, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed an election law that helped Democrats and harmed Republicans in the 2020 election.  Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution gives sole power of state election laws to the state Legislature.  The PA legislature in 2019 created a law called Act 77, which gave the state the right to implement a mail-in voting scam, er, system in the wake of the Chinese virus pandemic.  Part of Act 77 stipulates that all ballots must be received, postmarked by Election Day or not, by 8 pm on Election Day.  When the PA Supreme Court changed that law by giving Democrats an extension of three more days, they violated the Constitution by changing a law that the Constitution clearly stipulates they can not do.

Alito went on to stress that the Supreme Court’s obligation is to try cases “based on the law, period,” and that is is wrong for any member of Congress to try to influence the Court’s decisions with threats or anything other than legal argumentation.  Democrats talk a good game about fairness and democracy (even though we live in a republic) but that’s only platitudes for when things go their way.  When things don’t go their way they always try to come up with ways to rig the system, and the recent calls to pack the court is a perfect example.

Don’t forget that back in March the Senate minority leader, who I pray will remain the minority leader, Chuck Schumer (D-NY), threatened Justices Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh over possible abortion rulings, and then he denied he threatened them, and the Fake News mainstream media got his back to gaslight you into thinking it never happened.  He’s full of horse hockey.  He threatened the justices and we heard it.  And if that’s the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, you can only imagine how bad the rest of the partisan Democrats are.


Folks, this is the result of a party going unhinged when everything they are raging over is 100 percent Constitutional.  They just don’t like the way things are legally playing out, and so they turn to threats.  That pretty much sums up what Justice Alito was saying to warn America.

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