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Jussie Smollett Makes Appearance At BET Awards, Black Twitter Was Not Happy About It

He wanted to act like nothing ever happened.

Convicted singer/actor Jussie Smollett has said he is “not a piece of s – – t” after “gaining clarity” during his recent almost nonexistent prison stretch. However, a lot of viewers of the 2022 BET Awards are not yet ready to forget everything that happened.

On Sunday, Smollett returned to the red carpet at the Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater hoping no one would mention what a piece of s–t he is after being sentenced to jail but serving only 6 days of his 150-day sentence for 5 convictions on felony disorderly conduct.

He had a lot of gall to show up so soon after his conviction. He appeared supposedly to promote his directorial debut, the BET+ streaming movie “B-Boy Blues” but he announced he has some other plans as well.

“This has always been the plan, to expand my empire, so to speak,” Smollett told the press, according the Daily Mail reported. “To expand the level of what I want to do. I got to direct multiple episodes of the show as well as my music videos. I directed all of them.”

In spite of his epic fall from grace, after he was convicted for paying two men to act like Trump MAGA supporting thugs to attack him with racist and homophobic rants, pour bleach on him, throw a noose around his neck, and shout “This is MAGA country” in the middle of the night in Chicago during a polar vortex, this clown sees himself as a role model for young people.

“But to be able to usher in just a new generation of artists, of actors of this amazing talent that’s out there that has so much to tell you,” Smollett told reporters. “That’s what is feeding me.”

Many people on social media weren’t buying it. Thousands of Twitter users were talking about it, enough to make him a trending fool, responding with everything from shock he would do this to utter indignation.

Jayda, Ari, Dess, and Lakeyah look a mess everyone on that red carpet looked a mess and why TF is Jussie Smollett there?! Lmao the BET awards makes me cringe”

The fact that jussie smollett is working and Rosanne was fired from her own show, shows all you need to know about Hollywood”

Just a reminder, Jussie Smollett didn’t like being in jail so he was allowed to go home. What type of privilege is that?”

“Not Jussie smollet trying to get this black card reinstated”

“That’s crazy how Jussie Smollett is out & about, showing his face like that situation never happened”

“Who let Jussie Smollett into the #BETAwards?” another Twitter critic snarled, spawning dozens of retweets and hundreds of likes. This n – – – a faked a hate crime and blamed white people for it, and got a slap on the wrist. If you got money, regardless of race, you have privilege.”

“Everyone watching Jussie Smollett on the red carpet”

Jussie Smollett was seen at the BET Awards. He actually just made a wrong turn going to get a Subway sandwich.”

Idgaf how many BET award shows Jussie Smollett gets invited to, he will never be fully embraced because he hasn’t taken accountability for lying. And we ALL know he lied.”

Black Twitter when Jussie Smollett shows up on the red carpet at the BET awards”

Lordddd they let jussie smollett on the bet awards. How embarrassing”

We are way too forgiving as a people. We really let Jussie Smollett chill like this?! At the BET awards?! This should be a place of black excellence, not IG models, rapper baby mamas, and race-baiting liars”

Jussie Smollett is at the BET Awards and this comment made me real life laugh”

A little photo editing for a laugh.

Jussie Smollet looks kinda sad at the BET awards? Think he’s finally remorseful? Maybe he’ll finally apologize”

“yeah, it’s not so much a political issue as it is a decency issue. doesn’t matter what your politics are, there’s nothing okay about pretending to experience a hate crime.”

Last but not least, Rush Limbaugh’s decades-long call screener and friend, Bo Snerdley chimed in.

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett turns up on BET red carpet and Twitter has some thoughts via @americanwire_-“

Rich Welsh

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rwebb

    July 2, 2022 at 2:52 am

    same type of crowd would have been chanting and demanding to keep slavery, using the same reasons to keep it going. i cant afford not to have one, its my right, my life will be too hard without one.

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