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Judicial Watch Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Court Ruling Requiring Hillary Clinton to Testify Under Oath About Her Emails

Judicial Watch (JW) is heading to the Supreme Court over Hilary Clinton testifying under oath over her illegal server and the Benghazi attacks.

A federal judge ordered Clinton to do the deposition but  D.C. Appeals Court set aside the decision.

JW is not discouraged, they are taking the case to the Supreme Court. They want them to set aside the ruling of the D.C. court. Clinton is fighting them tooth and nail.

Judicial Watch has been able to get more information from the government that even Congress couldn’t get.

Their persistence pays off and the documents that they have uncovered have been considerable. But perhaps a release of information in about 80 days could be the topper.

That’s when the FBI must turn over all of their documents on Seth Rich.

For the longest time, the FBI claimed they never investigated the death of Rich or examined his computer.

Judicial Watch refuses to back down and is now taking the fight to the US Supreme Court:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a petition for writ of certiorari (“cert petition”) with the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to take up its challenge to an appeals court order exempting Hillary Clinton from testifying under oath about her emails.

Judicial Watch argues the court should hear its case because the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit erred in giving Clinton unwarranted special treatment that conflicts both with Supreme Court precedent and the precedents of other courts of appeal, including its own.

In effect, it eliminates any discovery into the actions of agency officials or employees other than FOIA officers – walling off from any inquiry officials or employees who may be less than honest with FOIA officers or who might seek to conceal agency records from FOIA officers to prevent disclosure to the public, among other matters plainly relevant to an agency’s good faith in responding to FOIA requests.

Judicial Watch is making the case that no judge or court has the jurisdiction to undermine the Freedom of Information Act and that Hillary is not above the law.

But they are wrong. The Clintons have been above the law their entire political lives.

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