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Judge Demands ‘Reckless’ Soros-Funded Prosecutor Release Records In Crooked Prosecution Of Ex-Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Soros backed prosecutor in St Louis, Kim Gardner is under a criminal investigation into her illicit prosecution of former Missouri governor Eric Greitens and she lost a major court case on Monday that could expose her to criminal charges.

The state of Missouri has a sunshine law, similar to the Federal FOIA.

That law forces all state employees to turn over information that has been requested by private citizens.

Investigative reporter John Solomon sued Gardner’s office for all the relevant information on the Greitens prosecution, including any communications she had with George Soros or his underlings.

Garner claimed the information was all privileged but Judge Christopher McGraugh warned Gardner’s office is “reckless” and “dilatory” for failing to respond to a lawsuit alleging violation of Missouri’s open records law. Gardner could end up having to pay Solomon’s legal fees for the past 2 1/2 years of litigation.

The George Soros protege is currently under criminal investigation for her part in framing the former governor.

Gardner accused Greitens of taking a nude picture of his lover to use for blackmail purposes. Greitens denied the charge. Gardner was unable to provide even a scintilla of evidence that he had even from his cell phone.

Instead of using the investigators Missouri and St Louis was already paying, Gardner hired an out of state investigator, William Tisaby. Tisaby is now facing charges for seven felonies for perjury and evidence tampering in the former Republican governor’s case.

The ex-mistress has yet to be charged with perjury and Gardner is also being investigated for alleged abuse and politicization of the justice system. The documents that must now be released could very well sew up the case against her and would be why she refused to give it up even though the law was against her.

From The Gateway Pundit

Following the meeting, in February 2018 Gardner charged Greitens with invasion of privacy, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison in Missouri. Gardner alleged the governor had taken nude a photograph of Sneed without her consent and threatened to use the photo for blackmail.

When questioned under oath to corroborate the charges, Sneed admitted  she might have been remembering her accusations, the heart of the criminal case, “through a dream.” In subsequent testimony, she claimed she had never seen the photograph Greitens allegedly had taken of her and that she saw him with no phone or camera to take the photograph.


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