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Jordan Peterson Said a ‘Trusted Military Source’ Gave Him a Daunting Warning About the Canadian Government [VIDEO]

I admit that I am a fan of Jordan Peterson. I’ve watched his videos on YouTube and I’ve read his book 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos. I’ve watched him debate people and I like his style. He defends what he believes, and he does it credibly. He is a very learned man, of which his opponents learn quickly.

Peterson is not the kind of man who pushes conspiracy theories. He is a realist, if nothing else. He chooses his words very carefully, and he never says anything by accident.

He has made several videos during the Trudeau crackdown on freedom and liberty in the capital city of Ottawa. I was captivated by his grasp of what was going on. One of his videos described the prime minister as a teenager actor who ran away when he was confronted for the first time about his COVID restriction policies.

So when someone like Jordan Peterson says that a trusted military source told him to take his money out of the Canadian banks, you know you’re not dealing with a social media conspiracy nut. This was because Justin Trudeau, the tyrant, became drunk with power after invoking the Emergencies Act, for the first time in Canadian history, and just made things up as he went along.

After running away from peaceful protesters sitting in their trucks, Trudeau came back and made quite a lot of threats, and told quite a lot of lies about the protesters, likening them to people who support swastikas and confederate flags and people who have “unacceptable views” and just “take up space.”

And when his threats became idle because the protesters did not back down, the tyrant of Ottawa stepped up his campaign of demeaning them and spreading hyperbolic lies that they were violent people so that he could invoke the Emergencies Act more out of desperation to not look weak in front of the television cameras than anything else. He acted like a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way and so he went all scorched earth. There was no reason, and the situation did not fit the criteria, to use the Emergencies Act, but he had an opposition to his opinion that he had to crush, not realizing that people around the world were watching what his jack-booted police were doing to innocent, non-violent, peaceful protesters.

At one point during his power trip, he threatened to freeze the bank accounts of anyone who donated to a crowd funding campaign setup for the truckers. He got the banks to do it, not realizing that the people’s faith in their country’s banking system is what allows them to continue using fiat money. Once the people lose faith in the system, all hell breaks loose.

It’s not yet known the timeline when Peterson gave the news about the trusted military source, but it was most definitely after Truedope started cracking down on Canadian citizens’ rights and turned Canada into something that no longer resembles a democracy.


“I have been in contact with a reliable source within the Canadian military,” Peterson said … “and he told me today by email that if I had any sense, I would take my money out of the Canadian banks because the situation is far worse than I’ve been informed. That’s one of many such messages I received on a daily basis.”

As I said, Peterson is a realist, a serious and sober man. He gave this message before the PM made the decision that banks could freeze a person’s assets on a whim with no justification needed. If a victim of his totalitarian measures tried to sue him, Trudeau vowed that he would take away their legal recourse using the Emergencies Act. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what dictators do.

Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, said, “Financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order.” She was talking about people who support the truckers. “In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith.”

Under Trudeau, Canada made crowdfunding platforms that support the trucker Freedom Convoy subject to money-laundering terrorism laws. Terrorism?

Freeland said, “If your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen, the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended.”

It was reported that Trudeau dropped his Emergencies Act powers, yet Freeland has said that they are working to make the powers Trudeau gave to himself permanent. If you have any money in a Canadian bank, I would pull it as fast as you can. Do not do business with Canada until this tyrant goes away.

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