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Attacking Trump

John Kasich Still Bitter, Tries To Demoralize Trump Supporters on CNN

"John Kasich in thought" by marcn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

On Thursday’s edition of CNN‘s “Cuomo Prime Time” (that should tell you all you need to know), former Governor John Kasich (RINO-OH) said that he holds the Republican leadership responsible for fostering “lies and misinformation” that enabled President Donald Trump, who Kasich called a “false prophet.”

The only one lying here is John Kasich.  Relevancy asked if Kasich would stop calling him.

Truth be told, back when the 1994 Republican revolution took place in Congress John Kasich was in the House and he was one of my heroes.   He stood up to the Democrats back then and told them exactly what they were: a bunch of leftists who didn’t care about the working class and only cared about the ruling class.  I don’t know what’s happened to John Kasich since then. He’s become less of the maverick and more of an establishment RINO and bonified Never Trump hater.

Kasich said, “The situation is that the Republican leadership has really gone along in fostering these lies, these conspiracies. You know, the election was stolen.”

Well, Kasich has just one big problem.  The election was stolen by massive election fraud in the key battleground states.  This is something that Trump haters have always ignored throughout the entire post-2020 election era.  It’s almost as if they don’t watch YouTube, Newsmax, OANN, Fox News, or any other news sources that reported on the state legislature hearings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona where whistleblowers and data experts testified after filling out over 1,000 affidavits under penalty of perjury to witnessing massive election fraud in a multitude of ways.

For example, John, in my state of Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which is 5-2 Democrat changed election law to help the Democrats by extending the deadline for when mail-in ballots could be accepted by three days.  The Constitution, something Kasich used to care about, stipulates that only a state legislature can create or change election laws.  Article I, Section 4 declares: “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;”  [emphasis added]

When the PA Supreme Court changed an election law they violated the US Constitution and what they did allowed Democrats to push through tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots that many whistleblowers and data experts testified were counted as legal votes.

The Pennsylvania secretary of state Kathy Boockvar (D) changed election law as well, right before the election by extending the deadline for those who cast provisional ballots to provide identification to prove who they were by three days.

What Kasich wants you to not know is that those two things alone, and there were scores of other election fraud incidents widespread throughout the state, was enough to throw out the results of the election, but the same state Supreme Court that broke the law denied a hearing to Republicans who wanted fairness and justice.

The same things happened in all the key battleground states, so when people like Kasich and others tell you it was a free and fair election now you know they are lying to you.  I suppose if we removed all of the election fraud from courts and executive branch officials, county election supervisors, and vote-counters who it was testified to ran Biden ballots through machines multiple times along with a plethora of other election fraud tactics, then yeah, if you remove all that then we had a free and fair election.  #SMH

Kasich continued, “So what has to happen in order to wake people up is the Republicans in a clear voice have to say, we lost the election plain and simple. There are people in the party right now — frankly, Trump was a false prophet. He was a false prophet. When he told people, the people who go paycheck to paycheck, whose kids are not doing well, whose jobs are at risk, he’s telling them, I’ll fix all this. Those folks, you’re not going to— you’ve got to give them ideas and give them some hope because much of this is about desperation, conspiracies.”


I have to wonder if John Kasich was living in a cave for the last four years because President Trump and the Trump administration turned the economy around and gave us the largest economic explosion in American history.   We saw black and Hispanic unemployment rates go down to the lowest ever recorded in our history.  We were at economic full employment.  In fact, there were about 7 million more jobs than we had people to fill them.  According to the numbers, middle and lower middle class working families made out the best until Trump’s policies.

So, what did Trump do?  Well, Donald Trump and the Trump administration did was exactly the same things that John Kasich fought for during the 94 Republican revolution in Congress which was to cut taxes and to try to get rid of government regulations, only unlike Kasich Trump actually got massive regulations cuts and they made a huge difference for our economy.  The things the GOP did back then worked and they also worked under the Trump administration, but John Kasich doesn’t appear to be intellectually honest enough to admit this.

Kasich added, “I’ve got to hold the leadership and the party accountable for this because they continued to foster untruths, not untruths, they foster lies and misinformation. People out here, some of whom are desperate, are willing to latch on to anything, and that’s how Trump became the false prophet.”

One thing that irks the hell out of me from the RINO establishment Trump Haters is that they think Trump supporters are a bunch of stupid rubes.  John Kasich thinks we are too stupid to realize that what he’s doing is trying to demoralize Trump’s supporters and to destroy the Trump legacy by taking a tone of moral superiority when he talks about holding Republican leadership accountable for what happened under Trump presumably because they didn’t stop him.  The other RINOs establishment types like the utterly worthless Paul Ryan certainly tried, but thank God Trump succeeded anyway.

Kasich and others who speak this way should be tested for mental decline because the Trump years were great for America, not so great for the globalists, and it shouldn’t be a secret that nationalists care first and foremost for America and the American people.  After those priorities are taken care of then we help the rest of the world. It’s the Trump doctrine of America First.

Kasich is the same guy who as governor of Ohio in 2016 he did not even make an appearance at the GOP convention which was held in his own state!   He had just lost the primary to Trump.  Talk about being a sore loser.  Not showing up at that convention sealed it for me.  John Kasich cares more about himself and his pride than he does the country or the party.

The establishment RINOs want the party to go back to how things were before the Trump era, and they think by insulting the party faithful the way Kasich did here is how they’re going to achieve it.  I’ve got news for the John Kasich’s of the GOP:  this is the party of Trump now and if you don’t like it get the hell out because we’re not going anywhere.

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1 Comment

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    January 29, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    House/senate 22 Trump/Gabbard24

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