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John Durham Reveals That Michael Sussmann Also Lied to the CIA

One of Hillary’s lawyers is facing charges that he lied to the FBI, but now John Durham has filed that Sussmann also lied to the CIA. He has not been charged with that, but obviously, Durhan plans to use it when Sussmann faces trial on May 16th. Sussmann’s lawyers tried to get the court to toss the charges because he was exercising his right to free speech.

They also said it did not hurt anyone but the FBI opened an investigation of Trump. President Trump was hounded by the ridiculous Russia Collusion Hoax. Sussmann told the CIA that Trump had a Russian-made phone. But, the CIA said that what Sussmann told them was impossible because technology does not exist to make his story plausible let alone possible.

The first time Sussman approached the CIA, he claimed he was not representing anyone. Later, he said that he was representing someone who wished to remain nameless, so he didn’t mention Hillary at all. This was after President Trump took over the Oval Office. Do you suppose Hillary thought if Trump had to step down, she would be named president? That would require some states to decertify their election results. At any rate, Sussmann lied to the CIA about not representing anyone.

There is a second lie. He told the CIA what he wanted to tell them, which he had not talked to the FBI about. He said the information he had was tied to the information he gave the FBI, but it was a “similar, though unrelated, matter.”

From The Epoch Times

Sussman gave the same information regarding the alleged secret channel to the CIA that he had to Baker. Sussman told the officers he had previously contacted Baker but on a “similar, though unrelated, matter,” according to the memo.

In front of the congressional panel, Sussman said he had already passed on the information to the FBI before he met with the CIA.

“In context, the defendant’s statement that he had provided the FBI with ‘similar, though unrelated’ allegations is false, or at best, misleading,” Durham’s team said in one of the new filings.

Further, the CIA later concluded both the claim about the secret channel and a separate allegation, which was brought to the CIA and not the FBI, concerning Russian-made phones was “technically plausible,” did not “withstand technical scrutiny,” “contained gaps,” and “conflicted with [itself],” and was “user created and not machine/tool generated,” according to the special counsel’s office.




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