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John Brennan ID’s the Enemy: Trump Supporters and “Useful Idiots” who Helped the Left

John Brennan, former director, an admitted Communist, and former director of the CIA, appeared on MSNBC. They delivered a chilling statement on Wednesday about his plans to support and encourage government intelligence communities while investigating President Donald J. Trump supporters, who the government has apparently labeled as domestic terrorists.

And we may have our first sighting of who are the emerging “useful idiots” which is defined by Webster’s Dictionary:

“It is one task of the KGB [in 1982] to apply its skills of secrecy and deception to projecting the Soviet party’s influence. This does through contacts with legal Communist Parties abroad, with groups sympathetic to Soviet goals, with do-gooders of the type that Lenin once described as “useful idiots”— The Wall Street Journal.


“Biden’s intel community are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about the pro-Trump insurgency that harbors religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians,” John Brennan said.

Libertarians were an interesting addition to the leftist revolutionary Marxist groups over the last four years.

Consider this post by a Libertarian: “All right, anti-Trump libertarians. You know the plan. Now that we’ve made all these new allies on the left, it’s time to refocus our Twitter accounts on the urgent matter of privatizing the roads.”

Talking about the nature of the threats of “domestic violence,” Brennan said that he and the Intel Communities were focusing on what looks like: “insurgency movements” that they have seen in other countries,” with coalitions of who Brennan says are “nativists” and others, adding that we are seeing these problems with domestic terrorists “even in the halls of Congress.”

Conservative Treehouse described the video, saying:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan, the man who weaponized the CIA to target Hillary Clinton’s political opposition, appears on MSNBC to outline the intention of the JoeBama administration to identify political enemies, label them domestic terrorists, and remove them from the population.”

A poster known as “Being Libertarian” posted their reaction:

“Here we see the former CIA chief, John Brennan, saying that libertarians are no different than “white supremacists and domestic terrorists,” as he calls for the need to bring foreign terror war tactics onto US soil to squash them all.”

Matthew Koklan reacted on Twitter and wrote, “Isn’t it ironic that the only groups rioting on Biden’s inauguration are far-left anarchists. And yet inexplicably, John Brennan is railing against Trump Supporters and libertarians. They are so predictable.”

The video quickly went viral for its implied threats that the people in opposition with Brennan, a notable Communist, would be people who support Trump or support small government and policies that favor individual freedoms.


Luke Radkowski reacted, saying, “So now John Brennan is celebrating that The Biden administration is going to be going after libertarians because “they are an insidious threat to democracy.”

Dave Smith, a comedian, posted, “John Brennan, the former communist, who committed treason while he was Obama’s CIA director by knowingly arming Al Qaeda, considers libertarians dangerous. Cool.”

US Rep. Thomas Massie posted, “Angry ex-spy master who says he voted for a Communist for president now sees libertarians as a threat.”

According to the Libertarian Party, they are far radical left, who were hoping to demonize Trump supporters, not themselves:

This story is developing…

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