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Joe Says He Never Met With Hunter’s Business Partners, New Bombshell Evidence Proves THAT Was A Lie

More lies from Joe!

I think Americans should start calling Biden’s obvious fib that he never spoke to his brother or son about their foreign business deals the “real big lie” because, we know that’s exactly what it is—Even if the DOJ isn’t giving it the attention that it deserves. The ‘big guy hast stated several times that he was never involved, though he’s mentioned several times in messages and phone calls.

We know because his son was dumb enough to drop off his very damning laptop for repairs and never returned to pay for the services. Fox News just released a scorching report, complete with their evidence, showing that ‘the big guy’ in fact met with Hunter’s business associates on serval occasions. At least 14 of them, to be exact.

business associates while he was vice president in the Obama White House, casting further doubt on the president’s repeated claims that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings.

“I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,”

                                                                      -Biden 2019.

But the president met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates from the U.S., Mexico, Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan over the course of his vice presidency, a Fox News Digital review found.

If you have not seen these messages you can check them out HERE. I don’t own any rights to the images, otherwise, I would have posted them all.

The investigation into Hunter’s tax affairs, which began in 2018, has reached a “critical stage,” a source previously told Fox News Digital. Officials are looking into whether to charge the first son with various tax violations and possible foreign lobbying violations.

A separate source told Fox News Digital that the federal grand jury looking into Hunter’s business dealings wrapped up its latest term late last month but said no charges have been filed. Hunter has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

At this point, the GOP and a small handful of media outlets have seemingly done more legwork on this investigation than the actual DOJ. Mind you, there could be plenty going on behind the scenes that we don’t see but I would have expected to see at least some charges filed.

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