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Joe Rogan Said Lockdowns ‘Changed the tone of the country’ and Twitter Has Become Leftists’ Spraying ‘mental illness’ like diarrhea all over

The reason I really like Joe Rogan is that with all of his money and all of his fame, he’s still a down-to-earth man who understands things at the level of normal Americans. He’s not always right, but he admits when he gets something wrong and he has a very inquiring mind. He likes to learn new things, and that’s why he brings certain guests onto his #1 podcast show “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Rogan recently talked about the awful repercussions of the coronavirus lockdowns, where numerous epidemiologists said they were the worst thing we could have ever done during a pandemic. Rogan also mentioned that the only good reason to logon on Twitter is to watch Democrats have epic meltdowns.

You could go on Twitter, read something stupid posted by a leftist, get into a sparring match, and then never see that person again. That’s why I rarely go on Twitter. There are armies of leftists there who do drive by postings where they tweet something out, usually hateful, and then they take off and the next encounter you have is with someone totally new that you never engaged before. And that pattern never ends. The leftist Borg cartel all have the same beliefs, but with slightly different nuances.

On Thursday’s episode of the podcast, Rogan had on comedians: Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir. With Rogan being a comedian himself, the four of them talked about a lot of topics, including the destructive ramifications of COVID lockdowns. Rogan said the government-imposed lockdowns “destroyed the economy” and “livelihoods.” This is why I like Rogan, because other famous people would not have the testicular fortitude to speak the truth about the COVID-19 government-forced mitigations and their effects on our society.

“It destroyed work environments and social environments and hobbies and all these certain things that people want to do,” Rogan said.

“So the amount of people that are unhappy in comparison the amount of people whose lives are going well, in 2019 before it went back – it’s probably in the millions,” Rogan said while the four were talking about how it appears that some people are angrier now than in the recent past.

“The stack of unhappy people and the people who this really f***ed their life up,” Rogan recognized. “It’s just changed the tone of the country. The whole country feels different.”

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the government-forced mitigation measures turned many average citizens into snitches and watchdogs for the pandemic. People would scream at you if you weren’t wearing a mask, even though they were. The paranoia was real, and it was palpable. The psychological damage done to people and thus the whole society is mind blowing. Real psychological damage was done to our children who were first forced to learn virtually from home, then when the lockdown tyrants gave in and allowed the schools to open again, they forced the children to wear face masks for 8 hours a day even though children had the lowest risk of catching COVID.

Shaffir made the connection that the lockdowns forced people to stay home and that caused a lot more people to go online out of sheer boredom.

“Yeah, that online thing that riles you up, it’s just you’re more exposed to it,” Shaffir said, referring to being more exposed to the toxic environment of social media thanks to the lockdowns.

Rogan got into the negatives of social media, specifically Twitter.

“There’s some people, even comics, that I follow on Twitter where I just go to check their feed just to watch mental illness just spray its diarrhea all over the screen,” Rogan said. “It’s wild to watch people.”

“One guy that I’m friends with, he’s a nice guy, but he’s the most Democrat supporting … it’s like someone who’s a Pirates fan, Pittsburgh Pirates. And he’s like, ah, ‘Let’s f***ing go, Pirates!’ The whole thing is, ‘Go Democrats!'”

I think that’s because many people in show business are cowards. They are in a business where they think the shifting tide of pop culture opinion could destroy their career and therefore their lives, so they just go along with the crazy hateful shrews of leftist Twitter. And for a while there, Twitter was the cancel culture capital. So why go on the platform if you fear being canceled for not joining the woke supremacy of leftists on social media? Instead, the cowards join the fray so that they can appease leftists who are 10% of all Twitter users who make up 90% of posts.

Gillis sarcastically added, “They’ll be like, ‘Look at Biden kicking a** this week!'”

Rogan in fun added, “He writes, ‘Best. Period. Administration. Period. Ever.'”

James Woods tweeted out what every conservative understands about Twitter.

“Sadly it has become obvious that Twitter and indeed all Big Tech social media platforms are propaganda organs of the Left and nothing more. The relentless censorship of simple common sense has destroyed these once valuable forums as they have rotted from within.”



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