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Joe Manchin Sets the Record Straight After Biden Singles Him Out in Statement on Build Back Better Plan

Whenever you explain anything about the Biden administration, you need to address it twice. In the first place, you need to explain what Joe Biden says and then you need to follow that up with the truth.

First, here’s what Biden said:

I had a productive call with Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer earlier today. I briefed them on the most recent discussions that my staff and I have held with Senator Manchin about Build Back Better. In these discussions, Senator Manchin has reiterated his support for Build Back Better funding at the level of the framework plan I announced in September. I believe that we will bridge our differences and advance the Build Back Better plan, even in the face of fierce Republican opposition.

My team and I are having ongoing discussions with Senator Manchin; that work will continue next week.

Now, what Joe Manchin said:

“The president put out a statement. It’s his statement — not mine.”

The truth is that Joe Manchin has been whittling away at the proposal ever since Biden put out his plan in September. Manchin is not the only one. The Senate Parliamentarian has three times informed the Democrats that they cannot ram amnesty through using the reconciliation process. There are rumors that they are going to try to pass the bill again in January and no doubt, they will once again shoot for amnesty. Amnesty is about as popular as Louisiana hot sauce in your jockstrap.

From The Blaze

As reporters followed Manchin on Capitol Hill, the lawmaker told them, “I’m not negotiating with any of you, OK?”

“You guys, let me go. This is bulls***. You are bulls***! OK? I’m done! I’m done! God Almighty,” Manchin added.

As Democrats and the media continue to target Manchin — a plan that has thus far failed — Biden signaled Friday that his immediate legislative agenda is shifting from social spending to voter reform.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Friday Biden is punting the social spending bill to 2022. Indeed, the Senate officially adjourned Saturday, and will not reconvene until next year.


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