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Joe Biden’s Budget Asks for Extra $12 Billion to Welcome More Migrants

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29:U.S. Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks during the 2016 International Women of Courage Forum at the State Department, March 29, 2016 in Washington, DC. Established in 2007, the awards honor women around the world for leadership and courage in equality, social progress and human rights. Fourteen women were recognized this year. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Joe Biden is asking for an additional $12 billion dollars to bring in more illegal immigrants. Of course, that is the tip of the iceberg. There was a program before Biden took over to compensate Americans for crimes committed by illegal aliens. Biden killed that and shifted all of the money to resettle economic immigrants, which by the way is against US law. US law specifically bans economic immigrants from entering the country.

Just how much are we spending on illegal aliens now? Well, we’ll never know the complete figure, but let’s list the things we know about, shall we?:

DHS press release:

The Budget includes $375 million to support operationalizing this important [draft fast-track asylum] rule, so that those who are eligible for asylum are granted relief quickly, and those who are not are promptly removed.

$20 million to help lawfully deported migrants reunited with their left-behind children in the United States

$12 million to help migrants get green cards in exchange for promising to help criminal investigations.

$765 million to accelerate the award of legal status to migrants and contract workers.

$6.3 billion to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

$621 million extra to speech the Department of Justice’s approval of economic migrants.

$150 million in discretionary resources to provide access to [lawyers for illegal migrant] ]adults and families … [and pushes] a proposal for $4.5 billion in mandatory resources to expand these efforts over a 10-year period.”

DHS requests not related to the border:

$3.5 billion to fund “climate resilience and adaptation programs” at DHS,

$2.6 billion extra for disaster relief,

$564 million extra for the Coast Guard,

$486 million extra for computer-network defense,

$1.6 billion extra in pay for employees of the Transportation Security Administration.

Items not included specifically in the budget:

Housing and feeding illegals in custody at the border.

Transportation of illegals throughout the country.

Free medical. Free education.

Government freebies, including food stamps, HUD, HEAP, welfare, resettlement costs.

From Breitbart News

The self-serving economic strategy of extraction migration has no stopping point. It is harmful to ordinary Americans because it cuts their career opportunities, shrinks their salaries and wages, raises their housing costs, and has shoved at least 10 million American men out of the labor force.

Extraction migration also curbs Americans’ productivity, reduces their political clout, undermines U.S. workplace rights, and widens the regional wealth gaps between the Democrats’ coastal states and the Republicans’ Heartland states.

An economy built on extraction migration also radicalizes Americans’ democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture because it allows wealthy elites to ignore despairing Americans at the bottom of society.


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