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Joe Biden to Recommend Increasing Red Tape, Fees on Oil Industry

When it comes to honesty, Joe Biden is as close to perfect as near beer. My dad told me more than once that whoever named it near beer was a poor judge of distance. But, it’s still closer than Biden and honesty. Biden is blaming the oil companies for the high price of gas despite the fact it was his canceling of the Keystone Pipeline and drilling on federal lands that drove up the price and he did it intentionally.

He needs to drive up the price of oil and gas to make renewables attractive. He can make the prices closer b not too close. He begged OPEC and Russia to increase output so that we can buy oil from countries that hate us. But, evidently, he has not driven the prices u as high as he would like, but he has a plan. He plans t add red tape and add new fees to make oil even more expensive.

Biden has promised to bring down the cost of gasoline, but his policies. Just like a magician, he tries to get you to watch his right hand so that you don’t see what his left hand is doing. It’s like his Build Back Better plan. It cuts taxes on the rich but subjects the middle class to tax audits. But he bills it as benefiting the middle class.

The U.S. Interior Department will release a delayed study from the summer about how to further strangle the American energy sector to fulfill Biden’s campaign promise to the far-left, Reuters reported:

Under the U.S. federal oil and gas leasing program, the Interior Department is required to hold regular auctions of federal land for the oil and gas drilling industry – an initiative intended to boost domestic energy self-sufficiency and raise money for public coffers.

One source said the report will discuss royalties and fees that drillers are required to pay for drilling on federal land, as well as non-competitive leasing – a controversial process where leases not sold at an auction can be sold directly to interested companies during the following two years.

About a quarter of the nation’s oil and gas comes from federal leases and the program raises billions of dollars for federal and state budgets.

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