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Joe Biden Threatens “Right Wing Americans” Proving EXACTLY Why We Have the Second Amendment

The reason why we have the right to bear arms is not just to protect ourselves against other citizens of the United States who might want to hurt us, but also to protect ourselves from our own government and to keep them in check. The Second Amendment was ratified so that we would have this right.

Joe Biden traveled to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday in order to promote his “Safer America Plan” to “reduce gun crime.” This plan was the focus of Biden’s visit.

Biden finally made his public appearance in order to deliver his lecture at the Marts Center on the Wilkes University campus after remaining unseen for several days.

At one point during his speech, Biden veered from his prepared speech and delivered a threat to “right-wing Americans.”

“For those brave right-wing Americans that say it’s all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun,” said Biden.

This is exactly why we aren’t letting Democrats take our weapons. Notice how he is portraying Republicans as wanting to wage war against the country. This is gaslighting as it’s most extreme. This is something that they would use to justify attacking conservatives and taking their weapons. This is a primary reason why red flag laws are not a good idea with the sort of government that we have and the people that we have in charge. All they have to do is claim crap like this and say that Republicans are wanting to wage war against the U.S. and therefore they need to take their weapons.

We have a problem when the supposed president of the United States is vehemently against half of the country, calling us semi-fascists. They use that word without even understanding what it means. Liberals have gaslit us so much that even when you look up the term not, fascism is associated with the “far-right”.

Let me ask a question, what is it called when the “far-left” exhibit totalitarian and authoritarian ideologies, and silence and persecute them?

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