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Joe Biden Speaks to Million Muslim Votes Summit with Sharia Law Advocate Linda Sarsour, Vows to End Trump Travel Ban (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is into collecting. He specializes in all things anti-American.

Joe Biden could be a very historic president. He could become the first president to not serve time in prison by naming higher-ups.

His latest foray into the business of pandering for the votes, Joe Biden told Muslims (From the comfort of his basement) that the problem with American school is that they do not teach enough about the Muslim religion.

He appeared by video at the Million Muslim Votes Summit along with Sharia Law advocate and the terrorist’s official apologist, Linda Sarsour.

He will, sometime during the campaign advocate for the elimination of Israel to lock down the vote he needs from the radical Islamists as opposed to people who worship the Muslim religion.


Joe Biden says if he becomes president, he will end the Muslim ban on his first day in office. I can do better than that.

I just ended the Muslim ban this morning right after I ended double parking your unicorn, declared that from now on the sun will rise from the West and I set up a game preserve where Bigfoot can roam without being harassed by Sasquatch hunters.


Joe Biden thinks we should channel our hatred where it truly belongs. Christian churches, those who would ban female genital mutilation, opponents of honor killings, anyone who opposes communism, socialism, and closed borders.

He is the kind of president that this country will follow, but only out of morbid curiosity, like following a drunk to see what kind of wreck they will have.

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