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Joe Biden Loses Even if He Wins

US Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event at the William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Delaware on July 28, 2020. (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

I hope and believe Donald Trump will win in the end, once voter fraud has been identified in key swing stateaas that are leaning toward Joe Biden.  The future of our republic relies heavily on Pennsylvania, and I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, and I can say with total confidence that the Democratic Party is famous for voter fraud, especially in Philadelphia, the city I was born and raised.  How can I say that?  Because I was involved in an incident when I was a younger man.  I was a campaign volunteer for Frank Rizzo when he ran for Mayor of Philadelphia as a Republican, and sitting in a classroom with Rizzo and other volunteers he told us of the spigot system the Democrats use in the City of Brotherly Love.  He was letting us know what we were up against. He knew about it, because up until that point he was a Democrat, including when he was Mayor from 1972 – 1980.

Here is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani giving a press statement after preliminary findings in Philadelphia.


The spigot system Philly Democrats use, as Frank described it, is no different from what Project Veritas’ undercover reporting discovered in New York in 2018.  As Frank told us, Democrats find names of people still on the voter rolls who have either died since the last election or moved out of the state, or even the county they lived.  That’s why you always hear cries of “Voter Suppression!” whenever Republicans want to purge the voters rolls.

Democrat operatives, according to Rizzo, would get those names and fill them out on index cards.  They would then get a group of operatives who go on school buses and travel from county to county, getting off the bus and being handed an index card which lists who they are at that time.  They then would go in and vote, using the person’s name on the index card.  They would get back on the bus, and drive to the next county to be the next person on the index card handed to them there.

Here’s a New York election commissioner explaining how they do voter fraud.


I was later a poll watcher for former Senator Rick Santorum, and I along with several other GOP poll watchers were forced to leave a polling building in Philadelphia where we were threatened with physical violence if we didn’t leave.  No sooner were we out the door when the school buses, five of them filled to the brim, pulled up to the polling location, and people got off, formed a line, and were handed index cars.  Frank Rizzo was right, and I witnessed it.

Remember, Pennsylvania didn’t have voter ID until very recently.

This system is demonstrable in every election, because just before the school buses arrive the Democrat officials, usually union thugs, kick the GOP poll watchers out of the polling place, so that they can’t witness what’s going on.  And local news media would always do a story where GOP poll watchers were denied access to polling stations. The GOP would go to court, and by the end of the day we’d see another local news story saying they got a ruling allowing them into the polling places, but by that time the damage was already done.

They did this on Election Day this week.


That is exactly what happened to me over two decades ago.

The strategy this year has been for PA Democrat leaders like the governor, the secretary of state, and the attorney general to file lawsuits galore all year long to rig the election in their favor.  Things like judge shopping to find one that would allow a ballot signature law that stipulates a ballot signature must match the signature on file to be completely ignored.  The Democrats also fought to violate a law that says mail in ballots must be delivered inside a secret ballot envelope, but thankfully the PA Supreme Court ruled against them.  Ballots not inside a secret ballot envelope are referred to as “naked ballots.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also came through for the Democrats by ruling that mail in ballots that come in without a postmark or any other proof of mailing, are to be accepted, completely violating Pennsylvania law.

It says in the ruling, “Ballots received within this period that lack a postmark or other proof of mailing, or for which the postmark or other proof of mailing is illegible, should enjoy a presumption that they were mailed by Election Day.”


Trump is still ahead in Pennsylvania, but the Democrats are whittling away the lead hour by hour.   There’s a 2:1 ratio of registered Democrats to registered Republicans among mail-in voters, and the political pundits are declaring this will cancel out Trump’s lead.  What they don’t consider is that a lot of registered Democrats in Pennsylvania voted for Trump.  Trying to get ballots counted fairly is the name of the game, and Democrats like Governor Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the Biden Campaign have already lied repeatedly claiming that the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit to try to get PA to stop counting votes.  It’s an absurd statement on the face of it, but millions will believe it, because of their preconceived notions.

The threats made by Democrats recently to stack the Supreme Court with enough leftist anti Constitution activist justices to have a permanent majority for decades, to get rid of the filibuster rule in the US Senate in case Democrats took over the institution, to add Puerto Rico and Washington, DC as states, to give Democrats 4 more Senators, all designed to rig power in DC for the Democratic Party, is now floating down the drain.

It looks like the Republicans kept the Senate, and with that, the GOP will block every radical attempt at a power grab that a President Biden, or President Harris in give or take a few months, would try to force down the country’s throats.  There will be no Orwellian state forcing newspeak-like political correctness in federal law, repealing the Trump tax cuts to raise taxes on all working Americans even though Biden kept insisting that repealing the Trump tax cuts was not raising taxes on the middle class.

Though I still hold out that Trump will eventually win the election once the real votes are cast and fraudulent votes are blocked, we need to think about a possible Biden presidency.

Joe Biden did not get a blue wave.  Millions of American voters will never consider a Biden presidency legitimate.  The mainstream news media and tech giants in social media have also rigged the system to help Biden.  Trump supporters were censored by Facebook and Twitter no differently from how the New York Post was censored over a legitimate news story about Joe Biden and his crime family scoring lucrative deals in Ukraine, China and elsewhere.

So the Democrats won’t really hold a lot of power when the Republicans maintain control of the Senate and that’s a good thing for America.  That sad part if Biden wins would be that under Trump America had the potential to become the greatest country in the world again, after the Chinese virus came in and destroyed our economy and allowed Democrat state tyrants force continued draconian lockdowns on us and then blame Donald Trump.

There are a few things a Biden administration could do.  For example, they could try to get us back into the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which is really a treaty, even though Barack Obama kept saying it wasn’t a treaty just so that he could avoid having to go through the Republican Senate for advice and consent.  Our Constitution says the president cannot conduct major foreign agreements without going through the Senate.

Biden would also try to rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which would cost millions of American jobs.  Again, a Biden administration probably would not go through a GOP Senate for advice and consent, even though a major deal like that would have massive implications on all Americans.

If Trump wins, which I fully expect, he would have the ability to conduct foreign policy, which he has been very good at in implementing his America First agenda.  He would be able to reign in big tech and stop their censorship of Americans, and he could finally fire most if not all members of our intelligence community who are responsible for so many problems the Trump administration faced during the first term.

Trump winning the White House is critical for our national security and our economic growth.  Trump made serious dents in the deep state, which has a penchant for survival even at the expense of our republic.  That’s just bureaucracy at work, but when bureaucracy has the power to take down a duly elected president, it must go.

The overall point here is, even if Biden manages to sneak across the finish line, the Republican Senate and a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court (I no longer consider Chief Justice Roberts a Constitutionalist) will keep the barbarians at the gate to block them from trying to destroy our republic.

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