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Joe Biden is Running Out of Steam in PA

President Donald J. Trump is narrowing the race against Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biddenthe former Vice President under former President Barack Obama, in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania after picking up support in the past month, according to a Monmouth University Poll.

The new poll found Biden ahead by 4 points among registered voters, with 49 percent support. “Among likely voters, the race is a tight 1 to 3 points, depending on the expected turnout level,” according to a press release.

In July Monmouth also warned of a secret Trump vote. “The media consistently reports that Biden is in the lead, but voters remember what happened in 2016. The specter of a secret Trump vote looms large in 2020,” said Murray.

Trump’s boost was driven by rising support among men, voters under 50 and suburban residents.

The fight over white suburban women has heated up this summer as well, with Trump showing traction.

In mid-July, Monmouth University found Biden was leading Trump in Pennsylvania by a wide margin, 53 percent to 40 percent, among registered voters.

Social media reports were that Trump signs were readily seen in public areas, with large billboards on highways.

Trump slammed Bidden in PA in mid-August.

Trump accused Joe Biden of “abandoning Pennsylvania” during a rally just miles from Biden’s hometown of Scranton in right before Bidden spoke to the Democratic National Convention.

The New York Post reported, “Describing Biden as “slow Joe,” the president fired a preemptive strike ahead of Biden’s virtual DNC speech on Thursday evening and tried to discredit the former veep’s story of growing up poor in Scranton before a crowd in the battleground state.”

“He’ll remind us he was born in Scranton, but he left a long time ago — like 70 years ago,” Trump said during an event at in Old Forge, Pa. — reminding the audience that Biden and his family moved to Delaware when he was aged 10.

Biden is on defense, having to explain that he is not really a socialist, even though his platform is the socialist Bernie Sanders plan.

Townhall wrote, Tuesday,” The people in Wilkes-Barre may not all love the president, but they don’t think Biden is the answer. And they’re pissed off that the riots and looting are happening in Democrat-controlled cities.”

Biden is losing ground in PA on fracking as well, with Trump forcing him to come out of the basement and defend himself.  Biden had not planned on Campaigning in person until after the Labor Day Weekend, Jill Biden, his wife announced last week, but now Biden will have campaign events in PA later in the week.

Watch Biden respond to a Trump supporter who was calling to him about fracking, an important issue in PA.

Vice President Pence said, Tuesday, “Yesterday, Joe Biden said -I am not banning fracking.. Perhaps he’s forgotten his own words. At one of his rallies, he told a supporter: “I guarantee, I guarantee, we are going to end fossil fuels.” Joe, that includes fracking.”

Watch Joe Run… away.

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