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Joe Biden Flees Like a Coward Instead of Meeting with Residents After Getting Booed

He is a joke…

Do not under any circumstances attempt to label Joe Biden as the president of the people. This man has been harmful to this country and the entire world with his policies, but besides that, he almost always ignores people when they ask him questions or express their disappointment in him.

According to video recorded Sunday afternoon and released to Twitter by El American reporter Anthony Cabassa, Joe Biden is seen strolling down a sidewalk with his wife Jill after leaving mass in Uvalde, Texas, and making their way to a crowd of people behind a police line.

Biden’s motorcade can be seen following him down the street. Boos and chants of “Do something!” erupt from the crowd. After a few moments, Biden turns away, walks into the street, and hops onboard the Beast as it approaches, stepping up on the door platform to tell the throng, “We will!” while pointing his index finger and giving the crowd a thumbs up.

Biden was expected to meet with certain people of the neighborhood about the incident and what should be done in the future, it turns out. When the crowd began to chant and boo, Secret Service thought that it would be better to simply usher the frail old man out of the area. But that was the entire point of the tape, which was set up at the last minute so he could meet and interact with members of the community.

This man is going to continue to run away for the rest of his time in the White House. You can bet on that. It’s what he did before the election (hiding in his basement to stay away from the virus). Nowadays, it looks like speaking at press conferences and then immediately shuffling off so as to avoid answering real questions from the press.

Biden wants nothing to do with us or making this country and better place. He’s here to cater to the Democrats’ extremely liberal agenda, and that’s about it.

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