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Joe Biden Downplays Inflation, Screams “I Don’t Wanna Hear Any More of These Lies About Reckless Spending!” (VIDEO)


If you really want to see what being detached from reality looks like, watch Joe Biden’s speech before an AFL-CIO labor convention. During his speech before labor union members, Biden had the audacity to tout his marvelous success with the U.S. economy.

Was he joking? When he started screaming at the audience, it was clear he wasn’t. Joe Biden actually thinks he’s doing a good job. There’s one huge problem. A growing number of Americans are witnessing the obvious. He is not.

In fact, many Americans feel he is easily the worst president in U.S. history. This clown still has two and a half years to go before voters give him the boot. That is, unless a Republican-controlled Congress gives him the boot first. We can only hope.

During his speech in front of roughly 2,000 union members and state officials, Biden continued to spew his canned response to the inflation that is devastating American lives. His comments prove he is clueless. Biden said Republicans want to raise taxes on the working class.

They do not. He continued his litany of B.S. by insinuating that Americans have more savings now than before he cheated his way into the White House. They do not. In fact, the average savings of Americans is nearly $10,000 less than when he took office.

Biden and his puppets keep pronouncing his economic policies as a success. They’re not. They proclaim how many new jobs have been created under his presidency. Do these clowns really believe Americans have forgotten what happened roughly 24 months ago?

Our nation plunged into an employment crisis because of a virus that leaked from a Chinese virology lab. Millions were forced out of work. Any job creation numbers are reflective of the painful process it has been for Americans to get back to their jobs.

The Biden administration has made this more difficult. But Biden and his cronies fail to mention the robust economy that existed because of President Trump’s policies. It was as robust an economy as our nation has ever seen. The COVID-19 virus devastated it.

Joe Biden isn’t responsible for any good fortune in the job numbers, as meaningless as they are. The real problem facing Americans involves skyrocketing inflation. Biden screamed at the audience. It’s as if his unrealistic lies will be turned into truth if he shouts them. They won’t.

He proclaimed that “We’ve made extraordinary progress and put America in a position to tackle the worldwide problem that is worse everywhere but here: inflation!” That is simply not true. America’s current economic standing is far down the list of pandemic-recovering nations.

Experts insist that Biden’s wild-eyed spending spree during his first few months in office triggered our out-of-control inflation. Instead of debating the facts, Biden shouts down his detractors.

When told his reckless spending caused inflation, Biden shouted, “I don’t wanna hear any more of these lies about reckless spending!” This man is a total clown show. He is detached from reality so badly that he must actually believe what he’s saying.

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There are no facts, nor any realistic arguments. When someone tries to shout down criticism, you can bet the criticism fits. What’s even more disturbing is that everything is getting worse. Most believe we are heading for a recession.

Others insist that, if not altered dramatically, the current economic trends could send our nation into a financial train wreck. Denying that we are on the verge of a recession is a slippery slope. The wrong economic decisions could catapult the nation into a depression.

But maybe Joe Biden can scream loud enough to push us towards economic prosperity. He needs to try something because his horrific policies aren’t working, despite how loudly Joe Biden insists that they are.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ferna Jones

    June 17, 2022 at 12:00 pm

    Biden is absolutely the worst president ever!!! There isn’t ONE thing he’s done right yet!!!

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