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Joe Biden Coronavirus Adviser Urges National Lockdown for ‘4 to 6 Weeks’

Joe Biden said that he would be willing to shut down the country if the experts told him to. He pointed out that President Trump quit listening to Dr Tony Fauci, whom he called one of the leading virologists in the country. But notice that he did not name Fauci to his virus task force.

Why not? Maybe it’s because he keeps changing his mind but has been consistently wrong about everything.

But, one of the experts that he did select, Dr. Michael Osterholm has said that the country needs to shut down completely for four to six weeks. But don’t worry, you won’t lose a dime.

He proposes that the government subsidize individuals and businesses for the money they would lose. That what he says but there is no way that would ever happen.

First of all, will they pay Jeff Bezos for the billion dollars that he would lose by be shut for six weeks? Will they pay some people the three thousand a week they make and others three hundred a week? Or would they put a cap on what you get reimbursed? It doesn’t take a mental giant to see the answer to that question.

I guess Joe is looking for a shortcut in destroying the economy. It would take too long to ban oil products, raising taxes or paying for the millions of illegal aliens that will flood our country over the open border policy of the Democrats. Europe did the shutdowns and they are much worse off than us while Sweden never locked down and they are much better of than us.

From Breitbart News

Osterholm claimed that would help get the virus under control, “like they did in New Zealand and Australia.”

In August, Osterholm said the state-led lockdowns did not go far enough.

“The problem with the March-to-May lockdown was that it was not uniformly stringent across the country. For example, Minnesota deemed 78 percent of its workers essential,” he wrote in the New York Times, along with Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari.

“To be effective, the lockdown has to be as comprehensive and strict as possible.”

Biden said during the campaign that he would be open to a national lockdown if that is what the “scientists” told him to do.

President Trump needs to prevail in all of his lawsuits to save the country.

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