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Joe Biden Can’t Fill High School Gym for Speech, But Won 81 Million Votes?

Presidential approval polls can be revealing. Approval vs. disapproval numbers are a fair indicator of what the country thinks about its Commander-in-Chief. Joe Biden isn’t doing well in this category.

However, when a U.S. President ventures out to speak, one might think that at least those who blindly support him or her would show up. Poor old Joe Biden can’t even get supporters of the Democrat Party to come out and support him. It’s sad.

Three-quarters of Democrat voters don’t want him to run again. Dozens of Democrat Party House members and U.S. Senators either don’t want him to run, or refuse to acknowledge support for him if he chooses to. That’s really sad.

But what happened in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, may be the most telling evidence of Americans’ disappointment in Joe Biden. President Trump consistently fills arenas with thousands of supporters.

This is happening even as he awaits an opportunity to retake the presidency Joe Biden stole from him. Political pundits like to compare voter favorability. Biden recently spoke in a state where he mysteriously secured thousands of late-night votes to steal the electorate win.

Biden didn’t have a few hundred supporters on hand to hear him speak. Joe Biden, the same person who supposedly won Pennsylvania, couldn’t even fill a high school gymnasium. That’s downright embarrassing.

A large portion of the bleachers didn’t even need to be pulled out. This is both embarrassing and pathetic. Biden’s speech in Wilkes-Barre was supposed to trigger Democrat Party interest ahead of a critical race for the U.S. Senate.

If the lack of enthusiasm for Sleepy Joe is any indication of the upcoming outcome, Republicans are looking good. But as telling as the feeble turnout was to hear him talk, the lack of Biden supporters in Pennsylvania was strange.

Biden supporters either don’t want to be seen in public, or maybe they never existed in the first place. Either way, the Keystone State doesn’t appear to like good old Scranton Joe. The inability to fill a high school gym in what you claim as your “boyhood” state is embarrassing.

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