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Jobless Pipeline Worker Slams Biden For Soaring Gas Prices: Biden is ‘Nothing But a Total Failure’

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Biden administration from day one has implemented programs designed to harm our economy, our society, our schools, our energy, etc.? It seems like the people in charge are the nasty neighbors who want to see you knocked down a few pegs for your own good. From that perspective, they’re doing a bang-up job.

Tuesday morning, Lynn Allen, a pipeline worker who was laid off, had a few choice words for President Joe Biden and his administration where he accused Biden and his allies of sabotaging America’s energy independence. If you have been paying attention, Allen is absolutely correct.

Biden signed a series of executive orders on the very first day he took office that did a number on our energy production. Things like he shut down production of the Keystone Pipeline while later allowing the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream to continue being built so it could go into Germany. Biden also ended federal oil and gas leases. Those leases are what oil and gas exploration companies used to search for new deposits of oil and gas. It’s what kept us energy independent. If you shut down those leases, then we have no way of finding newer deposits for our energy supply.

On day one, Biden signed an executive order to down work on the Keystone pipeline and it instantly killed over 11,000 American jobs. West Virginia went red after Barack Obama shut down the largest coal mine there, putting over a thousand families on unemployment. Imagine the political fallout from Biden’s catastrophic failures in energy so far. I say so far because I think things are going to get much worse.

Allen told “Fox & Friends First” that the country’s fuel charges and gas prices are skyrocketing and are quickly getting out of control.

“I’m not surprised at all,” he said of soaring energy costs, “because everything Biden’s touched or done … it’s a failure. Ain’t nothing but a total failure. We went from ‘America First’ to America last.”

He’s right. I think that’s why there wasn’t a rebellion against it. The country went south so quickly and people have been bombarded with so many new anti-American actions by this administration on an almost weekly basis that there hasn’t been time for most people to absorb all the damage that has been done in such a short amount of time. We went from the best to the worst in our lifetime, and that became evident within two months of the administration.

It’s almost as if the Biden administration was angry that too many Americans under Donald Trump were having such a great time and they had to put a stop to it and punish us accordingly.

Allen said what the rest of us are thinking. If Trump were still in office, the country wouldn’t be suffering right now with rising fuel costs.

“Trump had it going on,” Allen argued. “The thing about it is that we’ve got all these high prices of oil and gas, we’ve got drilling rigs stacked, we’ve got roustabout crews ready to go, we’ve got pipeline contractors with all of their equipment is stacked in the yards. And I can tell you right now, we can put America to work next week if we needed to.”

On Thursday, our loser president said he doesn’t see any way to help stop the rising costs of energy anytime in the near future.

“I don’t see anything that’s going to happen in the meantime that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices,” Biden said. “A lot of Middle Eastern folks want to talk to me. I’m not sure I want to talk to them, but the point is, it’s about gas production.”

Of course he doesn’t see it. Joe Biden doesn’t know what day of the week it is. How stupid does he think we are? Everyone knows we are in this pickle because he killed our energy independence. The energy sector is the life’s blood of our society and to pay back the anti-oil leftists, Biden killed it.

Allen told Fox News back in March that a lot of pipeline workers haven’t been able to find work since the shutdown.

“You think about it every minute of the day,” he said. He then went on and slammed Biden’s infrastructure plans.

“I’m a welder,” Allen said. “That’s what I’ve been doing. And him wanting to rebuild the middle class in cutting welding jobs and cutting oil and gas. The oil and gas is pretty much the heart of the middle class and the upper class. The oil and gas is what drives the United States and the world. And he cuts everything out from us.”

Joe Biden has already done more damage to our country than the Chinese and Russians could ever dream of doing. He is destroying our economy and at the same time he is making sure millions of Americans lose their jobs to illegal vaccine mandates. His tax increase plan will kill the equity in our homes by attacking the real estate market. He hasn’t a clue how to fix the supply chain problem which is affecting all of us. Biden is quickly becoming the worst president we have ever elected, and I was alive during the Jimmy Carter years.

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