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Jim Jordan In Plain Language Calls Out Democrats About Being the Party of Intimidation [VIDEO]

House Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) is a gifted orator in how he always says things that have a way of making his positions stick in your mind. He has that rare gift of being able to touch a listener by combining facts with the emotional element of the issues he talks about. He eliminates all the engineered politics that others use and just speaks plainly why driving home his point.

On Wednesday, Jordan did it again by pointing out the obvious that people either don’t see because the misinformation news media doesn’t report it, or its ubiquitousness keeps it hidden in plain sight. He talked about how the Left uses intimidation in nearly everything they do in order to get what they want.


Jordan is SO RIGHT! Remember how vicious the Democrats were in their treatment of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing. It starts off with then Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) trying to block the hearing right from the start. Then, Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined in Harris’s interruption of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s introduction for the hearing. The Chairman of the committee, Senator Chuck Grassley (IA), who at that time was also the Senate Pro Tempore, recognized their outburst and told them that they were out of order but they continued speaking anyway, showing a complete lack of respect for the hearing and the decorum of the Senate. They were trying to intimidate Kavanaugh and the Republicans on the committee.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) then interrupted to demand that if the Democrats’ concerns were not going to be recognized, they should adjourn the hearing. This is a man who shouldn’t even be a member of the US Senate and if the people of Connecticut had any sense of American pride, they would have thrown him out long ago. He lied for years, claiming he served in combat in Vietnam and he did not. His lies were so bad that even the New York Times wrote about it.

Remember, at that point in the hearing, which had just begun, the crazy lady from the west coast hadn’t even started her lies about Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her yet. The Democrats were attacking Kavanaugh and Republicans simply because they feared that a conservative Justice placed on the Court at that point in time would harm their ability to continue with the slaughtering of unborn babies, because Kavanaugh might just vote to overturn Roe v Wade.


Here is the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatening two US Supreme Court justices. Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. If a Republican did this, the Democrats would call it inciting an insurrection.


Can you believe this man is in charge of the US Senate? He got away with it by making rounds with his friends in the misinformation news media, claiming sometimes he gets a little passionate about things he says. I call bullschtein! He did it as a stunt to remind his leftist constituents that he’s fighting so that they can slaughter their unborn children when he felt the High Court was ruling on Constitutional principles that would have put some snags to block abortions.

Jordan is pointing out that when the Democrats do not like the outcome of circumstances, and there is nothing they can do legally to change an outcome, they don’t resort to making valid arguments for their point of view because they don’t care about convincing the American people about their viewpoints. They simply want what they want and when they want it, and so instead, they resort to threats and intimidation, and sometimes they call for violence and harassment.

Remember when Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) told her supporters to go intimidate and harass (and commit violence was the unspoken message that day) against Trump administration officials, and subsequently any Trump supporters? Wasn’t that inciting an insurrection?


Democrats do not like it when opponents get the better of them with logic and truth. Jordan pointed out that the potential overturning of Roe is the right thing to do because science no longer supports the stupid argument that the fetus is not a human being. The Democrats do not want to hear the truth about it, and more so, they don’t want you to hear the truth about it and so they intimidate people into silence to get their own way.

“I hope the draft opinion is the final opinion because it’s a win for logic. It’s a win for the Constitution. Most importantly, it’s a win for the sanctity of human life. Finally, I hope the attempt to intimidate the court ends now.”

Amen, Congressman.

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