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Jim Acosta Plays the Victim Saying He Still Has ‘Marks’ On His Back After Sparring With Former President Donald Trump

CNN broadcast reporter [Abilio] Jim Acosta quipped that he still has “marks” on his back from standing up to former President Donald Trump. That whole argument is a lie. When you say you stood up to someone, that means the person attacked you first. Trump was always a response hitter. He would respond to an attack on him and he was just better at it. He would say things against people like Acosta who have never asked a serious question that wasn’t designed to cause chaos during the press briefing. Of course, the supporting cast at all the other networks would then report in the incident without pointing out that Acosta was acting like a fool.

He made the comments on Monday to CNN alleged sexual assault host Don Lemon while talking about the story where President Joe Biden used foul language toward Fox News reporter Peter Doocy after the reporter asked Biden if he thought inflation was going to be a factor in the midterm elections. Biden replied, saying, “a great asset — more inflation,” before adding, “What a stupid son of a b***h.” I actually think Biden misunderstood what Doocy was saying. I haven’t heard anyone else mention this, but I think Biden screwed it up by thinking Doocy asked him if he thought inflation would help Democrats in the midterms. Doocy obviously meant the opposite, but Joe Biden hasn’t really been playing with a full deck most days, especially when they allegedly don’t dose him properly prior to public speaking events.

“As someone who witnessed the unraveling of our democracy, had a front-row seat to it … is it better? Worse? Can we turn this around in your estimation? You were the White House correspondent for the entire Trump reign,” asked the sour Lemon.

“Yeah. And I’ve got the marks on my back to prove it, Don,” Acosta replied.

With Acosta, I bet he was praying Lemon would say something like that so that he could make the segment about himself.

“To some extent, things are better. I mean, today we had the president of the United States refer to a reporter as an SOB,” he continued.

“You know, Don, you and I got called a lot worse back in the day,” Acosta said. “We never got an apology. I don’t remember that from the commander-in-chief. So maybe things are a little bit better to some extent.”

Acosta never got an apology from Trump because he never deserved one. CNN sent Jim Acosta into Trump press briefings just to cause trouble and to make the president look like an idiot. Acosta doesn’t like the fact that, unlike all other Republicans, Trump fought back and beat him at his own game. Therefore, the mainstream media called Trump a bully simply for fighting back.

These clowns would be responded to by Trump after they insulted him, claiming what he said in response was a threat to our democracy, or an attack on the First Amendment, or censorship. What a bunch of losers.

Doocy never let the insult bother him, telling Fox’s Sean Hannity that Biden placed a call to him on his cell phone and said, “It’s nothing, personal pal.” Unlike crybabies like Acosta, Lemon, and the rest of the Fake News personalities over at CNN, Doocy didn’t let it get to him and spend the rest of his career complaining about it.

I thought the segment was supposed to be about how Biden cursed at Peter Doocy. The CNN clowns once again turned it all around to attack Trump. The former president still lives in their heads rent-free.

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1 Comment

  1. Ed Gonzales

    January 27, 2022 at 10:21 am


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