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Jill Biden Humiliates Sleepy Joe During Unveiling of Obama Portraits

There are many traditions regarding the White House, one of them is that all presidents, and apparently First Ladies get their portraits painted and hung up in the White House.

This week, Joe and Jill Biden held an event for the unveiling of the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama.

When Jill was brought to the podium to speak, everyone gave a standing ovation. That is, everyone except for her own husband.

Seeing this as an opportune moment to save face, she called out her husband for not standing to give her a standing ovation with everyone else.

“Michelle Obama introduces Jill Biden, the room gives her a standing ovation, Jill then says, ‘Honestly, everyone stood but Joe,’” Price described the scene in the caption he shared along with the video clip. “Joe Biden then gets up and claps for her.”

The first lady laughed as the applause began to taper off, looking toward the front row where President Biden was seated.

“Joe — honestly, everyone stood but Joe,” she said, still laughing — and the audience began to laugh along with her. At that point, Biden stood up all by himself to clap for his wife. He probably didn’t even realize what was going on.

The sad truth of the matter is that Sleepy Joe is just not living in the same world that we are living in. His mental acuity just isn’t there. It really is just sad. It’s moments like this that make people not want Biden in office any longer.

This makes me wonder though what will come of the presidential portraits of President Trump and Melania. Every president gets their portraits made, but there is so much hate for President Trump  from the left that it really makes me wonder if an event like this will even take place for him.

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