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Jen Psaki Ignores Afghanistan When Reading a List of the From Biden Administration’s ‘Biggest Foreign Policy Successes’

White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki lauded the Biden administration’s work over the last year to bolster US ties with foreign partners as its “biggest” successes this year, but curiously never mentioned the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that embarrassed our country, our military, and reduced our standing in the world worse than the pullout from Saigon.

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan, chaotically botched or not, was the official end of the longest running war in American history, a performance Psaki declared as a success earlier this year. When she was asked on Thursday about the Biden administration’s “single biggest foreign policy success” this year, the mouthpiece for the administration gave 3 answers and completely ignored the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Perhaps maybe because they left people behind and lied about it? They said there were maybe 100 American citizens left behind and we later found out the number was much higher. Up until the Biden administration, American policy has always been that we leave no one behind.

On Monday, the Biden administration acknowledged it left hundreds of American citizens behind after the pathetic withdrawal. That probably means thousands knowing this administration. The State Department issued a press release showing the Biden administration gave a lowball number out to the American people as the real number of Americans they left behind enemy lines with the worst people in the world, the Taliban, was drastically higher.

To add to that, a suicide bomber attacked outside Kabul Airport at the Abbey Gate on August 26 that murdered 13 US service members and injured at least 18 more, making it the deadliest day for US troops since 2011, according the US officials.

It’s no wonder Psaki kept her mouth shut. This administration is an embarrassment to the American people. Heads should have rolled in the State Department and especially the Pentagon, where high-ranking military officials decided to hand over the job of security around the Kabul airport to the Taliban. Our citizens had to go through gauntlets of checkpoints by Taliban soldiers who hated their guts. Remember, while the Brits and other countries were sending their troops into Afghanistan to get their people to the airport, Joe Biden gave an order that American troops would not be doing so. He left the Americans behind to fend for themselves and make their own way to Kabul Airport. What kind of American president would do such a thing?

The administration also gave up Bagram Airport, which could have helped in the withdrawal efforts as it has two runways and is only a shot helicopter ride from Kabal. The administration also left behind at Bagram about $84 million in military equipment that the Taliban now controls. What a screwup!

Psaki took to social media to begin a flurry of tweets that are loaded with lies and false praise for the work the administration has done “reclaiming our leadership role in international institutions” and reestablishing ties with foreign allies to address “the biggest challenges of our time.”

As for reclaiming a leadership role in international institutions, I remember when UK news outlets reported after the Afghanistan debacle that British cabinet members referred to Biden as “Doolally” and “Gaga.” Doolally means “temporarily deranged or feebleminded” and gaga means “no longer in possession of all one’s mental faculties, especially on account of old age.” That’s not me saying it. That’s Webster’s. So much for reestablishing ties with foreign partners and assuming a leadership role in the world. We are a laughingstock thanks to Joe Biden and his band of con artists and storytellers that make up the administration.

Psaki praised the administration’s role in delivering vaccines in the US and globally, claiming the US has been a driving force in encouraging economic recovery after the pandemic globally. It’s just a shame that they don’t know how to do that for the US economy that they are [intentionally?] driving into the ground. She didn’t mention that the tyrants in the administration are trying to force American citizens to have medicine injected into their bodies that they don’t want using a narrative full of lies that are not based on science.

The White House press secretary mentioned the Biden administration’s renewed interests in climate change and how President Biden reentered the US into the Paris Climate Agreement, which is going to cost millions of American jobs. It doesn’t matter how many in the administration or how many Fake News fact checkers say it’s not going to happen; when you read the agreement, you walk away understanding that millions of American jobs will necessarily go away.

“Restoring our alliances, including with Europe,” Psaki said while mentioning the second-biggest achievement of the administration. “We have resolved significant trade disputes, including on airplanes, steel, and aluminum, and we have done so in a way that protects our workers, advances our shared values, and strengthens our ability to compete.” Don’t believe it.

Despite Psaki’s praise, foreign relations with top U.S. adversaries have reached heightened tensions under the Biden administration.

Isn’t it funny how Psaki champions the Biden administration’s renewed foreign relations with US adversaries while Russia is building up troops on the Ukrainian border with intentions of invading the way they did during the Obama-Biden administration, and like then, it appears that Biden is going to do nothing while the Russkies invade and take over sovereign Ukrainian land?

What about China aggressively flying sorties over the island nation of Taiwan, slapping the US in the face because we have a legal obligation to defend Taiwan and they know that Joe Biden will do absolutely nothing to stop them from taking over the country in the same way they did nothing during the recent Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong where among other things they have schools and universities revising curriculum to add required teachings tying patriotism to loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party?

The Biden administration has been criticized for allowing US adversaries to take advantage of Biden’s very weak foreign policy positions. Our adversaries know and understand that Joe Biden is no longer with us. He can’t string two sentences together and even has trouble when there is a teleprompter in front of him.

None of what the administration touts as achievements and successes are perceived that way in poll after poll. It’s like the administration is abiding by the old adage, if you tell a lie often enough, people will start to believe it, yet the polls show the people aren’t believing it.

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