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Japanese Green Card Holder Worried He Got Mail-in Ballot From ‘Motor-Voter’ Data, Worried Democrats are Headed for Socialism and Communism

The Epoch Times published an article with a video clip of a Japanese man who spoke out about receiving a mail-in Ballot he claims he did not request and about his concerns of the direction the Democrat Party in American is leading the country, toward what he called Socialism and Communism” and what he described as a loss of rights.

In the video clip is a narrator from the Epoch Times and the concern Japanese man.

“Residents in Clark Count Nevada held a stop the steal rally in Nevada to protest election fraud last Saturday. A Japanese man who is a Green Card holder exposed that although he is not a US citizen, he received a mail-in ballot. He was puzzled as to why he was registered as a voter by local authorities,” the narrator said in the video.

The man said, “I received a mail-in Ballot, ok?” But I am not an American citizen. I am a legal alien and Green Cardholder in the United States, so I [am] suppose [to} not receive [a] mail-in ballot. But I received it. Of course, I didn’t vote, but I wonder why my information is a registered voter. I don’t know how I became a registered voter. I have no idea. I never registered,” the man said.

The narrator continues,”his voting status was still active when he checked in online.”

The man said, “This is not just an opinion. It is a fact that the DMV must be giving out all of the information whether they are American citizens or not, and they are just sending it out,” he said.

The narrator for Epoch Times said, “the man believes that Trump will be reelected because Trump is leading the United States in the right direction by resisting Socialism and Communism and protecting American people’s freedom and basic rights.”

The Green card holder said, “Trump is the one who is exposing what is happening. I do not want one party to dominate. Democrats dominate this country, and they are moving toward Socialism, and eventually, all of the freedom will be lost like China. I can see Venezuela and Cuba and China, the Soviet Union the people’s freedom, and especially freedom of religion has been taken from them in away.”

According to Wikipedia, there are “13.9 million green card holders of whom 9.1 million are eligible to become United States citizens. Approximately 65,000 of them serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.”

According to a progressive Immigration law service, people do vote illegally because they get ballots when they get Driver’s license.

From their site:

“2020 is a presidential election year, and many people want to cast their vote in determining the future of America. Many states, including Illinois, allow someone to automatically register to vote when they get a driver’s license. Unfortunately, you may disqualify yourself from obtaining United States permanent residence (a green card) or citizenship if you voted illegally. Only U.S. citizens are allowed to vote. When someone who is not a citizen or legal resident of the United States is issued a driver’s license, it is possible that they do not realize they must be a citizen to vote and that they are unintentionally claiming to be a U.S. citizen – and will be guilty of voter fraud.

The citizenship application form USCIS Form N-400 evaluates if you have good moral character and are eligible for citizenship by asking many questions, including:

• “Have you ever claimed to be a U.S. citizen in writing or any other way?”

• “Have you ever registered to vote in any federal, state, or local election in the United States?”

• “Have you ever voted in any federal, state, or local election in the United States?”

If you answer “yes” to any of the three questions about false claims to U.S. citizenship and illegal voting, USCIS will require an explanation with your N-400 citizenship application to explain exactly what happened and why you thought you were entitled to vote if you voted illegally.

A claim to U.S. citizenship is one of the grounds of removal from the United States.

Immigrant Voter Fraud: Noncitizens Who Illegally Vote

The United States Constitution doesn’t specifically prohibit non-citizens from voting, but voter applications ask whether you are a citizen. Since 1996, non-citizens have been prohibited from voting in federal elections under federal law. State laws vary on whether non-citizens can vote. In Illinois, Chicago allows non-citizens to vote in school council races, but those elections are not official or administered by the Board of Elections.

Non-citizens, including green card holders who get a driver’s license or otherwise unintentionally register to vote may not understand that voting in U.S. elections – even though the state registered them as a voter and issued them a voter’s card – may cause their immigration application to be denied  and result in removal proceedings being started. NPR reports  that noncitizens can face serious legal actions and that it “undermines public trust and opens the way for allegations — even unfounded ones — of voter fraud.”

If you have ever voted or if you have ever registered to vote DO NOT file for citizenship without speaking to an immigration attorney.

An experienced immigration lawyer can help you evaluate the circumstances and why you voted illegally, and the best course of action to move forward with your immigration or citizenship application.”

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