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Jan-6er Defense Attorney Confirms the US Capitol Magnetic Columbus Doors Were Opened from the Inside

One of the arguments about January 6th is about the magnetic doors Columbus doors at the Capitol and whether they were broken into or whether someone inside opened them. This makes a huge difference between whether it was breaking and entering or entrapment. More and more I am wondering whether Pelosi and the Capitol Police actually wanted a riot.

Pelosi turned down Trump’s offer of ten thousand National Guard troops and the Capitol police actually opened the doors for the protesters. Protesters were beaten (Rosanne Boyland) and one was shot to death (Ashli Babbitt). They had flashbangs shot at them and were generally provoked. This is not to say that crimes were not committed, but it does say many of the accused could very well be innocent.

An anonymous man, who is living in fear wanted his story to be told as he is very familiar with magnetic doors. He claims that if you loop a heavy chain through the door handles and fasten it to a huge truck, the handles would break off but the doors would not open. If they could survive that, what chance would a man with a crowbar have?

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is what we were told.

Retired Marine: We’re on the top level now – about 15 feet from the doors just before they opened up. People are yelling and screaming. Everyone’s cheering, all kind of stuff. It’s chaotic. But we’re just kind of there. And then all of the sudden the doors open up from the inside. I have a picture taken about two seconds before the doors opened. And then I have a picture taken about six seconds later and the doors were open.

Jim Hoft: And they were not opened from the outside?

Retired Marine: They were opened from the inside. Now one of the stories I read recently was that some Marine, some Marine Major, went inside and managed to run around and open up the doors. And I think that was on your website, as well. But here’s what I can tell you about magnetic locks. If a door is locked by a mag lock it cannot be opened from the outside or the inside unless the person controlling that door opens that door by turning off the magnetic lock which those doors according to the photos I took are equipped with.

Jim Hoft: Holy cow! That’s really big news there!

Retired Marine: Now these magnetic locks, I worked in the American embassy overseas. They are very, very strong.

Jim Hoft: I’m sure and they, you would think at the US Capitol they would have top security there.

Retired Marine: Now to give you an idea how strong they are, you could tie a chain to the handlebars of the door and tie it onto a truck. And you can take off with the truck and it is probably going to rip the door handles off but it is not going to open that door. The only way those doors can be opened if they want to be opened is from inside a security booth that is also equipped with a magnetic lock.

Jim Hoft: Has this ever been reported?

Retired Marine: Not that I’ve heard of.

Jim Hoft: Oh my God, this is really big!

Retired Marine: If those magnetic locks had been engaged, in other words, if Capitol Police did not want people opening that door. Now I can understand they might say, “We had police outside so we didn’t want to engage them.” If they did not want those magnetic locks open, there is NOTHING, nothing, no person, no group of people, no hundreds of people who could have opened those doors. No one. Unless the Capitol Police wanted those doors open. As soon as those doors were open, I was lifted off my feet. There was a forward momentum.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. K

    January 31, 2022 at 7:24 am

    This whole thing smells if crookedness from Pelosi and her minions. This wasn’t the only door made available to the crowd. Some democrats came up with a plan and they know how to implement them to look however they want things to look like. Americans need to quit being so stupid and going along with this insurrection bullshit. This was planned by the left “Pelosi” and everyone knows it.

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