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James O’Keefe Received Death Threats over Lastest Videos About Alleged Election Fraud

James O’Keefe is the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, a group of independent journalists who record people undercover to expose criminality in the media or politics.

During the month of October, ahead of the 2020 Presidential election, O’Keefe’s group uncovered what they describe as voter fraud, during a series of conversations with people, while the admitted wrong doing.

“Project Veritas’ latest videos exposing rampant Voter Fraud in Texas had a huge impact. So huge that our enemies are now showing their true colors. In a recent email sent to our tip line, an individual by the name of Zoltan Konder threatened every single Project Veritas employee with death,” OKeefe wrote in an email.

The following is an email from O’Keefe.

Here’s my response to this loser:

This is what Konder said:

This individual is clearly disturbed.

Also, it’s quite ironic that the “Founder of the Human Rights Foundation” is openly threatening harm against those he doesn’t agree with.

Project Veritas has reported this individual to the proper authorities and will follow up with them accordingly.

Be Brave,


This story is developing..

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