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James O’Keefe: Border Patrol Whistleblower Reveals Shocking Video of Illegal Alien Sex Offenders [VIDEO]

SOURCE: James O'Keefe YouTube video screenshot

It’s not even a question anymore that the Biden administration is actively trying to keep the American people in the dark with what is going on at the southern border with respect to how illegal border crossers are being detained. It is now indisputable. The kinds of things Biden administration officials are doing to block access to media reporters and photojournalists would have caused liberals to scream from the rooftops had it happened under the previous administration, but there are no marches, no famous Hollywood actors doing videos to tell us what the think, no chants of kids in cages, none of it. Instead, we have administration officials lying about the situation, thinking the American people are stupid enough to believe that because they call what’s going on a circumstance or a challenge and blaming the Trump administration for the horror going on at the border. Fake News is trying to dumb it down as well, though some journalists are starting to ask for access. They would never have given the Trump administration any benefit of the doubt.

Now, investigative citizen journalists are doing their level best to get information out to the American people. Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe released his latest video interview of a border patrol whistleblower. The agent describes how dangerous the situation at the border has become since the Biden administration ended President Trump’s policy of targeting illegal alien sex offenders in February.

The video starts off with O’Keefe asking the border patrol agent to explain the document that was given to him who tells him the document is called the “Border Intelligence Daily.”

O’Keefe and the whistleblower agent both revealed shocking details in the report:

  • Sex offender encounters by US border patrol have reached a five-year high.
  • Criminal aliens with sex-related offenses are attempting to re-enter the US in record numbers.
  • There’s already 214 of these encounters sex offender encounters compared to the yearly total last year, which was 154.
  • Criminal aliens and sex offenders all have been previously deported from the united states for committing these crimes in the united states

The border patrol whistleblower went on to compare President Trump’s border to what it looks like now under President Biden, and said that the situation under Trump was much more under control. Yes, it was less crowded, but maybe that’s because Trump didn’t advertise to people in Central America that we were opening up the border for them and that we were no longer deporting illegals. Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, Alejandro Mayorkas, or any of the other members of the Biden administration who are clueless on how to handle the disastrous problems they created at our southern border can try to blame the chaos on Donald Trump, but the American people see what’s going on thanks to the efforts of people like James O’Keefe and others who work at Project Veritas.

In an unforgivable desire to undo all the progress that President Trump made with respect to fixing our southern border and illegal immigration problems, Biden shut down Operation Talon, a program that targeted illegal alien sex offenders who rape and molest women, including young migrant girls who are sent unaccompanied by their parents on the over one-thousand-mile journey to our southern border.

I cannot imagine there is a constituency in favor of ending targeting sex offenders to stop sex crimes and to prevent human trafficking into and out of our country. It is by far one of the worst things Biden has done while dismantling our country right before our very eyes.

And it’s not just sex offenders that the Biden administration is now allowing into our country. There are adult criminals who are getting past the border patrols and flooding into the country.

Another element no one in the Fake News media wants to talk about is while the Border Patrol is tied up handling thousands of illegal migrant children and adults pouring over our border, they don’t have the capacity to go after the human trafficking and mountains of drugs that the cartels are now running into America.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane Bishop

    March 29, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    Those who voted this administration in are complicit in the sex and drug trafficking at our Southern border. Horrendous.

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