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Jake Tapper Attacked Republicans Who Supported Texas Lawsuit, Still Claiming No Evidence of Election Faud

"Jake Tapper (CNN) @ SXSW 2017" by nrkbeta is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

On Sunday, CNN’s Very Jake Tapper ended his show “State of the Union” by giving up a phony offering of praise for President Donald Trump, and then he immediately trashed Congressional Republicans for supporting the president’s litigation amidst allegations of massive voter fraud in key battleground states by the Democrats.

Like a third-rate actor, Tapper said he wanted “to praise Donald Trump, not to bury him.”   He went on to list significant achievements of the president and his administration, like renegotiating trade deals, Operation Warp Speed, bringing peace deals in the Middle East, bringing out troops home after not getting the United States into another endless war, and exposing the friendly relationships between the media and Democrat politicians.

Jake Tapper is a despicable man who tried one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Tapper wanted to set up a hit job scenario he was playing out by saying nice things about Trump, things we honestly had no idea he actually knew about, because he never spoke of them in a good light for the president before now.  Tapper wanted the viewers to believe that he was a fair and honest reporter by saying some nice things about Trump that he hoped would cushion the hammer he was about to drop on Republicans, and subsequently, President Donald Trump himself.

The Fake News anchor went on to talk about events that unfolded last week, namely the Texas lawsuit against four of the battleground states that cheated Trump out of his rightful victory in order to score wins for Joe Biden.  The SCOTUS punted, deciding not to hear the case claiming that Texas didn’t have standing under Article III of the Constitution.  It was a lame excuse by the Roberts court, because as Justice Thomas wrote, supported by Justice Alito, that the High Court doesn’t have the discretion to reject a case that has what is called “Original Jurisdiction.”  Original Jurisdiction comes from a category of cases where the plaintiff doesn’t have to go through the usual lengthy process of working its way up the chain of courts to get to the SCOTUS, rather, the Supreme Court would be the original jurisdiction to hear the case.  A state suing another state falls under that jurisdiction.

Very Jake used SCOTUS denying to hear the case as ammunition to attack Republicans who supported the Texas lawsuit, including more than a dozen states and the majority of House Republicans.

According to the CNN left-wing activist who calls himself a news anchor, the president did the American people “a favor by exposing these elected officials.”  Exposing them for what?  For supporting litigation that would remedy serious Constitutional violations by Democrats in the key battleground states that allowed them to steal the election?

“They are definitionally people who signed on to a desperate desire to subvert the will of the American people, to disenfranchise voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan based on lies and conspiracy theories, putting an immoral and corrupt power grab above democracy,” Tapper said.

The only lies being told are by Tapper and his mainstream news media colleagues who haven’t lifted a finger to actually prove their own allegations that the lawsuit was based on lies and conspiracy theories. We never saw Jake Tapper and his ilk actually in the weeds of the hearings that took place in state legislatures. CNN certainly didn’t air the hearings, because they didn’t want their viewers to learn the truth of what happened during the election while the network kept saying there was no evidence of election fraud.

You have to assume that Jake tapper watched it least a little bit of the state legislature hearings where Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis provided whistleblowers, real whistleblowers, not the kind that Jake tapper approved of because they went against President Trump, but real whistleblowers who testified through affidavits they signed upon penalty of perjury, saying that they witnessed massive voter fraud events take place on Election Day and afterward. For goodness’ sake we ever saw a video of election fraud in a Georgia counting center. What more do these lamebrains want?

“President Trump made House Republicans go on the record,” Tapper continued. “He made them stand and be counted and 126 of them, including Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Whip Steve Scalise, they actually signed their names to this, this unconservative, un-Democratic, un-American mendacious joke of a lawsuit that would disenfranchise millions of their fellow Americans.”

What about the millions of Trump voters who have already been disenfranchised by having their votes taken away from they by every illegal ballot counted in their state?  Tapper completely dismisses mountains of voter fraud and election fraud evidence as a mendacious joke.  And he says that when the entire country knows that HE is the one being deceptive.  We’ve seen and heard the evidence.

Tapper is the same man who lied to the American people for four years, every day, about President Trump.  He fully backed the Russian collusion hoax, reporting on it as if it were a real thing.  He gave air time to the pencil neck geek Adam Schiff (D-CA) every chance he could to spew out his own lies about having substantial evidence on Russian collusion, and not once did Tapper interrupt Schiff to ask for proof of his insane talking points against the president. In fact, in most cases Tapper and the other anchors at CNN never stopped someone from spewing hyperbolic nonsense no matter how crazy it came across.

“These House Republicans raised their hands. They said, ‘Sign me up.’ The hope that most Republicans in the House were better than this, that has been destroyed.” He continued, “For those of us who believe in standards and norms and the US Constitution, we need to thank President Trump for bringing this fact to light.”

This man just cannot help himself, as even during this rant, Tapper spread the lie yet again that Trump was impeached for trying to extort the Ukrainian president to get dirt on his political opponent, when everyone knows that’s not what happened.  I mean, at least everyone who read the transcript of the phone call.  Even Ukrainian President Zelensky said it never happened, but there goes Tapper lying about it once again.

It is maddening to hear a Fake News anchor like Jake Tapper go on about standards and norms and the Constitution, while during the same breath he defends the Constitutional violations by the four battleground states that Texas sued. His defense is by ignoring the evidence, by repeatedly claiming there is no evidence when millions of Americans have seen it and heard it with their own eyes and ears.

Think about that for a minute.  It’s breathtaking. In Georgia, the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, entered into a consent decree with the Democrats, mainly via the lunatic Stacy Abrams, and changed election law on signature verification without going through the state legislature.  That is a violation of the US Constitution that Tapper must have missed.  Or how about in Pennsylvania when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed election law when they extended the date that mail-in ballots could be received by extending the deadline by three days?  That was a violation of the US Constitution, because the courts do not have the authority to change laws. Kathy Boockvar, the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania changed election law when she extended the deadline for provisional ballot verifications by three days.  She did not go through the state legislature, therefore she violated the US Constitution which states that only a state legislature can create or change election laws.  The same Constitutional violations happened in Michigan and Wisconsin as well.

All of the violations mentioned in the Texas lawsuit were US Constitutional violations, and Jake Tapper called out Republican politicians for supporting efforts to eradicate those Constitutional violations by using the very same Constitution’s process of litigation.  Think of how genuinely stupid Jake Tapper must be to make an argument like that.  He is a colossal bonehead in a sea of boneheads  Tapper doesn’t understand the Constitution.  If he did, he wouldn’t have made such an asinine statement for his tens of viewers to witness.

WATCH if you can stomach this guy.

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