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Jackson: “An educated, independent Black person is the most dangerous person to Democrats”

The fundamental thing, Steve, is liberals measure success by how many programs they fund to help Black Folk.

On a recent episode of the War Room, America First firebrand- Raynard Jackson, joined host Steve Bannon for an important dialog about the state of free enterprise and economic nationalism in the Democrat utopia under Joe Biden- that all Conservatives should listen to closely.

Jackson has held audiences, and shaken the public mindset about Black Conservatives- all the way up to President Donald J. Trump:

“Raynard Jackson take it away,” Bannon said to Raynard Jackson, CEO of Black Americans For a Better Future.

Jackson is a semi-regular guest on the War Room show with his long-time friend Steve Bannon, and together they recently discussed the disastrous Biden administration and Jackson’s point of view about Biden’s money giveaways- as a long-time Republican strategist.

On that day, Jackson, who is an author at, also discussed his recent contribution to the site- in favor of Conservatives embracing Juneteenth, where he wrote the following:

“Black entrepreneurs need access to capital and they want help in growing their businesses through solid conservative policies coming from our elected officials.

Black females what to see a stronger fight for school choice and vouchers.

Black men want a hands-off approach to their second amendment rights.

They want to see conservatives engage with them to solve problems that they are concerned about.

They don’t want to continue to hear this BS about amnesty for illegals, more money for Ukraine, or homosexual entitlements.

They want to see conservatives put Americans first!

No more highlighting Blacks who have no connection to the Black community.  No more Blacks telling you what you want to hear at the expense of what you need to hear!

This effort will require money and time; but isn’t it worth it to save our country?

Yes, it’s true that close to a third of Black voters are disaffected with Joe Biden and the Democrat Party; but they don’t view conservatism or the Republican Party as a viable alternative.

We can never be viewed as a viable alternative by Blacks until our side speaks directly to Blacks with a clear and concise argument for Blacks to vote for and participate in our movement.

Blacks are far more conservative than the general population; but we don’t see us in the RNC or the conservative movement.

As I often say, what the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind believes.

In the immortal words of the late soul crooner, Luther Vandross, “Make me a believer.”

Read the whole thing:

On June 19th- on the War Room show, Jackson said:

“Well, thanks again for having me ride shotgun with you. Steve and again, Steve is one of the few people that understand that, that we need to celebrate this day. I appreciate you having us here. America mysteriously, prints 40 billion to Ukraine, borrowing it from China, but yet when Black entrepreneurs want access to capital, they can’t do anything. And I think again if we in the Maga movement would focus on access to capital for Black entrepreneurs this could be a monumental shift in the game because that’s what these black firms need to grow their firm,” Jackson told Bannon.

Jackson went on:

“The fundamental thing Steve is liberals measure success by how many programs they fund to help Black Folk. Conservative measure success by how few black need these programs. Because an educated and independent Black person is the most dangerous person to Democrats because they want us stuck on the government tit.”

“And if we had listened to Black folks, we don’t need the government’s help. Black folks want to be treated like anyone else. Just remove any artificial barriers for us.”

“Isn’t it amazing Steve you look at any sport, golf, tennis, football. Any sport where Blacks were not known to dominate and once all artificial barriers were removed, we change the whole status of those sports. Look at what the Williams sisters did in tennis. Look at Tiger, Woods did with golf, just remove the barriers from us and let us do our own Next Level,” Jackson told Bannon.

Jackson is a regular columnist for numerous outlets.

Some of his most recent work:

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Cultural Marxism, grassroots activism, music, IndyCar racing and political campaigns.  @Saorsa1776

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