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IT’S RUSSIA!!: Biden Buddies In Hamas Were Behind Bomb Plot Of Plane That Russia Wanted Downed, But That’s Okay

The Democrat left of Joe Biden’s supporters is clutching their pearls and virtue signaling how noble they are over a journalist who was arrested in a faraway land called Belarus. This story reveals the bizarre behavior of the left and how they ally with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Try to figure this one out the friend of my enemy is my friend.. the enemy of my enemy is a friend.. right? With the Democrats just trust that political theater is going on and notice that all of a sudden, Russia-Russia-Russia.. is over.

“Belarus claims Hamas threatened to blow up force-landed flight in Minsk,” Jerusalem Post reported Monday after the news cycle went crazy with the story, without explaining details of what happened or why we should care.

“We, the soldiers of Hamas…demand that the European Union withdraw its support for Israel in this war. There is a bomb on that plane. If you do not comply with our demands, the bomb will explode,” JP reported.

Belarus said on Monday that the false bomb threat that prompted a Ryanair passenger plane to be diverted to Minsk, where authorities detained an opposition-minded journalist on board, was written in the name of Hamas.


London News sources show that Putin is pressuring Israel the same as Biden is, so they share a goal; the hysterical leftist media say nothing at all about their arch enemy Putin being aligned with their idol Biden; isn’t that odd?

CNN reported on the incident:

“Dissident journalist Roman Protasevich has appeared in a new video after his arrest by Belarusian authorities on Sunday, following the government’s extraordinary diversion of his Ryanair flight to capital city Minsk. The video — the first since Protasevich’s arrest — comes amid mounting fears for his safety and widespread fury over the diversion of a European commercial flight.

“The attitude of the [Interior Ministry] employees towards me has been as correct as possible and in compliance with the law,” Protasevich says in the video, which was posted Monday evening to a pro-government social media channel.
“I continue to cooperate with the investigation and have confessed to organizing mass riots in the city of Minsk,” he also says. His supporters believe the video was made under duress.

Authorities released what they said was a text of the bomb alert as officials sought to defuse a mounting international outcry over what Western capitals have denounced as an act of “state piracy.”

CNBC reported on the incident:

Belarus on Sunday ordered a Ryanair flight carrying prominent Belarusian opposition activist Roman Protasevich to divert to its capital Minsk, whereupon the activist was detained. Russia described the uproar in the U.S. and Europe as “shocking” and accused the West of having double standards.

Russia has been steadily increasing its power and influence over its neighbor Belarus. Still, the countries’ leaders President Vladimir Putin and President Alexander Lukashenko are somewhat uncomfortable allies — it’s arguable that any allegiance is fragile at best and borne out of necessity.”


It is notable that the Grandfather of Fake News, the humiliated and fired Dan Rather of all people, is directing people on this very story. That means look deeper for the known tactics of propaganda by the left.

OH!  It’s an outrage.  OK.  So why is Biden siding with Hamas, the very people who downed the plane to capture the journalist?  Why Is Biden meeting with Putin at all?   Isn’t that naughty?  Or only when President Donald Trump does it?  Watching the left at work is like watching children act out a big-time wrestling match, only more fake.

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