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“It’s America in 1776” Lin Wood Leads Georgia Rally and Press Conference That Crashed Servers From the Interest

Attorney Lin Wood led a robust gathering in Georgia with Attorney Sidney Powell who held a scheduled press conference that was held before an enthusiastic crowd of supporters of President Donald J. Trump with a group called “Stop the Steal” that had so much viewing interest that independent media were having their servers crashing from the weight of viewers.

“Don’t vote in another rigged the election. We want a special session of the legislature, and we want the Governor to come out of his basement. We need electors chosen by the legislators. We are sending the message,” Wood said.

Wood open the press conference with a prayer for the country and pointed jab at Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who Wood’s wants to call a Special Session of the State government to address the election irregularities in the 2020 Presidential election.

“I want him to call that session, and then he can quit, for as much as I care,” Wood said. “Then you can say Lock him!” Wood said, alluding numerous times to alleged bribery by the Chinese Communist Party to throw the State’s electoral votes to Democrat Joe Biden.

“There were financial benefits for Kemp and Rathsunburger from the Chinse, and we are not going to tolerate it. There should not be a run-off here on Dominion machines. I think you should make it known that all people in Georgia will not vote until your votes are secure. We need Voter ID and paper ballots, and we need a thumbprint on them. We should find a machine that can count them, even if it is by hand. We have experienced the last fought years, esp with General Flynn and President Trump; we expect to see it in Venezuela; what did our three-letter agencies have in creating that? I want to know. Drain the Swamp. I knew the swamp was bad, and a lot of draining that has to be done. It is 20% worse than I thought, and that is why they have tried so hard to get rid of him. It is pure evil. We have traced a lot of the money that did this back to China, and White Hat doors from Iran, Serbia, Hong Kong, and China, and more. This must come to a screeching halt right now. You and your children and grandchildren deserve the very best America has to offer. We are giving all of our evidence to the Department of Justice when we get it all together. It is going to take indictments and fast to prove to us that they will take us seriously. There is no kind of voter fraud that has not been experienced this year, and Georgia was full of it, and so are other states, including North Carolina. We need to flood legislatures, governors, and Secretary of State in Georgia and other places. People are not being heard, and remember they work for you,” Powell said.

Vernon Jones spoke, “You know about Daniel Boone. I love this country, and I love Georgia, and I am a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, and I took an oath to protect Georgia’s people. It is my duty to protect the people, and I call on the legislature to have a special session. I am doing this for everyone who lives in the country. We are in America. The Secretary of State does not have the power to set the rules for the election, and they are setting the rules with Stacy Abrams. That is not a fair fight; everyone should be on this stage. I do not want to see my country any further left. Let’s put it in reverse and back it up. People were killed for the right to go vote. You have to come out and vote. Georgia has a history of going into battle and going to fight,” Jones said.

We need a party of the people and American patriots. Brian Kemp took Chinese money. If you are taking Chinese people, go to China,” Wood said.

“Fight like a Flynn!” Wood said, referring to General Mike Flynn, who was not at the rally, but there in spirit.

“We are not the party of Mitt Romney or John McCain. we are the party of Donald J. Trump, and I am going to fight for American, and so will you,” said CJ Pearson.

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