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It Finally Happened, A Moderate Democrat Grew a Pair and Talked Back to AOC Over Poor Results In House Elections

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC), the democratic socialist congresswoman from New York, doesn’t like that a lot of members from her party, spanning moderates to liberals, are blaming her and her “Squad” of progressive women for doing so poorly in the 2020 election.  She pushed lunatic ideas like shutting down ICE, defunding the police, a Green New Deal that would destroy our economy and our way of life, and a whole host of other ridiculous things that she and people of her ilk believe are good things to run on.  This is because she is completely out of touch with real American values.

Instead, she wants to blame the moderates themselves for their own campaign failures. There’s one moderate who is calling her out by saying that she’s not really a team player and that her ideas are “unworkable and extremely unpopular.”  OK, so then how come the party didn’t try to stop her well she was spewing all this nonsense for the last two years?

Democrats in the 2020 election were supposed to have this giant blue wave that was gonna ride on the [CHUCKLE HERE] coattails of Joe Biden. They were supposed to increase their majority in the house and they were supposed to take the majority back from the Republicans. neither thing happened.

It looks like the Democrats got it right when after last week’s election results came in they blamed the anti police and defund the police rhetoric along with very pro socialist slash Marxist messaging that came from progressive far left radical candidates like AOC.

The Democrats have a mantra that usually works well for them, and that’s healthcare.  They can either frighten you into thinking the Republicans are going to try to take away your healthcare, something they literally did to millions of Americans when they shoved Obamacare down their throats, or they lie to you about how wonderful their healthcare policies will be, which have never ever come true.

The Republicans have their own mantra and it’s not health care, it’s crime.  Republicans point out when Democrat policies will lead to rising crime.  Policies like defunding the police and getting rid of Border Patrol and ICE.  In New York City they did away with bail so people who rioted got arrested were out in hours able to go back on to the streets in riot some more.  People don’t like that.  Americans usually frown on rising crime and especially on politicians who support criminals over citizens that are not criminals.

AOC disputed claims that she and her progressive pals caused the poor showing in the election by blaming Republican smears that linked Democrats to socialism and the movement to defund the police.  Well, those are two things associated with AOC, soooooo. Remember, this is a woman who once said, “I wake up every day, and I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. Every single day.”

In an interview with the New York Slimes during which she said she feels like her party thinks she’s the “enemy,” the congresswoman then called out  moderate Democratic Representative Conor Lamb (PA) for “criminal political malpractice.”  And she wonders why they consider he an enemy.  AOC chopped Lamb for only spending $2,000 on Facebook ads the week before the election to point out how moderate Democrats’ lousy campaigning was what cost her party in 2020 and not uber leftist radicals like her and other progressives who have absolutely nothing in common with normal people.

“File:Conor Lamb (40636199252) (cropped).jpg” by Media Arts Department Robert Morris University from Moon Township, PA is marked with CC0 1.0

“Some of this is criminal. It’s malpractice. Conor Lamb spent $2,000 on Facebook the week before the election. I don’t think anybody who is not on the internet in a real way in the Year of our Lord 2020 and loses an election can blame anyone else when you’re not even really on the internet.”

We’ve all gotten accustomed to AOC doing face plants whenever she goes out on a limb to make a definitive statement or a projection of something she finds profound, and she didn’t disappoint this time either as after the dingbat from the Bronx used Congressman Lamb as a scapegoat for why Democrats didn’t do so well, Lamb won his reelection campaign.

And now Lamb has grown a pair prairie oysters and done what other members of party thought was unthinkable; he talked back to her!

The same New York Slimes interviewed Lamb after he won reelection and noted that he is “one of those moderates who believes the left is costing Democrats in key areas” and that he believes a Biden administration will “govern as it had campaigned: with progressives at arm’s length.”  Of course that’s nonsense, because Biden wouldn’t make it 6 months before he had to step down for medical reasons and the biggest progressive in the US Senate, Kamala Harris.

Lamb told the Slimes that what went wrong for House Democrats was that the party progressives (the American form of Marxists) were loudest in their messaging. Their “unrealistic” calls for a radical leftist agenda alienated too many voters.

“I’m giving you an honest account of what I’m hearing from my own constituents, which is that they are extremely frustrated by the message of defunding the police and banning fracking,” he said. “And I, as a Democrat, am just as frustrated. Because those things aren’t just unpopular, they’re completely unrealistic, and they aren’t going to happen.”  Anti fracking isn’t popular especially in Pennsylvania where fracking has brought life back to many working towns.

The progressive green agenda of people like AOC “isn’t something to joke around about,” Lamb added.

Lamb said that progressive policies have “gone way too far.” Instead, he said, the messaging from his party “needs to be dialed back” and “rooted in common sense, in reality.”  Unfortunately, that kind of rational thinking is being overrun by the loud shrieking of the progressives who want to push the envelope too far and because they live in their own echo chamber they don’t realized that they are not in touch with the American people.

Lamb pointed that the people who were working on the police reform bill when it was being worked out in the house we’re not the party progressives.  They were nowhere to be found.

“The people that I was on the phone with, when we were passing [the bill] at the time, were not the freshmen members who are criticizing us today,” he told the Times.

Lamb warned that t AOC’s policies and those of her fellow radicals “are unworkable and extremely unpopular.”

He added that “people are not clamoring for” single-payer health care or the Green New Deal, noting that those issues separate a winner from a loser in a moderate district like his.

When Lamb was asked about AOC’s comments about him and how he ran his campaign, the reelected congressman responded saying, “She doesn’t have any idea how we ran our campaign, or what we spent.”

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