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IT BEGINS: Hedge Fund CEO and GOP Candidate David McCormick Sues to Include Votes With No Date

Where have we seen this before? And does anyone but me find it strange that the consulting firm that Represents Dominion Voting machines held a recent fundraiser for David McCormick in New York? And, I find it is no surprise that he is suing to count illegal votes in an effort to steal the nomination. He wants to count votes a week after the election that contain no date.

McCormick made a lot of money lobbying for China, so he has that in common with the Democrats. He only moved back to Pennsylvania after Sean Parnell dropped out of the race. His opponent, Dr. Oz was endorsed by President Trump, so the fact that things look shady comes as no surprise. He, also, like a Democrat wants to count votes that came in late without a date on them. The law mandates that they must be dated to count.

President Trump said this about McCormick:

On election night, Oz had a 2,600 vote lead and now, 6 days later, he is still ahead by over 1,100 votes. If he is ahead after the final count, they will have one more chance to manufacture enough votes to win as there will be a mandated recount, no matter who is ahead. Recalls are automatic if the vote is within .5% of the vote.

Politico reported:

The war over every last vote in Pennsylvania’s too-close-to-call Senate GOP primary is now officially headed to the courts.

David McCormick’s campaign filed a lawsuit Monday afternoon arguing that election officials must count mail-in and absentee ballots that lack a date on their envelope, citing a federal court order released on Friday.

McCormick and his primary opponent, Mehmet Oz, have been squabbling over whether undated ballots should be counted. The fight began late last week, after a three-judge panel on the federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals issued a judgment that undated ballots in a 2021 county judgeship election should be counted.

McCormick’s lawsuit, filed in state court, sues the state’s chief election official and county election boards in order to compel them to count the undated ballots that were returned on time.

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