Get yourself ready, the flood of illegal aliens is just starting. Joe Biden has announced that he will allow 25,000 illegals waiting in Mexico to enter the United States. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The caravans from Central America will come flooding in after Biden canceled the agreements with those countries to prevent that from happening.

Once they see they can enter the United States even if not qualified for asylum, tens of thousands will come.

Why was the remain in Mexico program so successful? Because they knew they could not enter the United States then disappear before their court date. And you know Biden and the Democrats will try to push through amnesty for all of them.

Only about 10% of the illegals appear for their court day, knowing they do not qualify for asylum.

From PJ Media

A report from the Justice Department on a pilot program to discover if illegal aliens applying for asylum actually showed up for their initial court hearing found that 90 percent of those who file asylum papers and are released into the interior of the country never show up.


In testimony before Congress this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said that the agency had recently conducted a pilot program with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to test how many recent illegal aliens would show up to their asylum hearings after being released into the U.S.

The results, an ICE official told Congress, were that about 87 percent of illegal aliens, or almost 9-in-10, recently released by DHS into the U.S. did not show up to their asylum hearings. With illegal aliens not showing up to their scheduled hearings, the ICE official said, the agency is then forced to grapple with attempting to locate and deport each illegal alien, an almost impossible task that strains federal resources.

Washington Examiner:

The DHS will announce a virtual registration process so that migrants can sign up from any location. They will be told to show up for admission at a nearby port of entry at a specific date and time. DHS is working with the State and Justice departments on the rollout. Only migrants whose cases have made it to the pending stage before DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review will be eligible for admittance.

Migrants allowed into the country for legal proceedings will be required to wear face masks and socially distance themselves from others, both precautionary measures to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone will be tested for the coronavirus before entering the U.S.