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Georgia Democrats May Have Lied About a Water Main Leak to Stop ‘Officially’ Counting on Election Night

On Election night, Donald Trump was ahead and winning the state of Georgia.  It’s been a red state for decades, now turned purple by Hollywood leftists who started filming in the peach state because California is such a disaster and too expensive to do business.  Then, like many other places liberals escape from California, they vote the same stupid way that turned California into a hell hole for normal people.

So, as the president was running straight into reelection, suddenly news came out that a water main broke, and it delayed the count for just long enough to increase the vote tally for Joe Biden.

We were all told that a pipe burst at State Farm Arena, preventing about 40,000 absentee ballots from being counted until later on in the week. The incident supposedly happened at around 6 am the day after the election, delaying the counting of ballots until 11 am.  That’s interesting, because according to Rudy Giuliani, it was around 6 am the day after the election that containers of thousands of ballots arrived in the ballot counting center in Philadelphia, with no signature signing incident to prove chain of custody, 27,000 ballots in all, and 100 percent went to Joe Biden, according to experts, is a statistical impossibility.  We have heard reports from all the other battleground states of similar incidents. He also said about 120,000 ballots “magically appeared” in a Wisconsin counting center around 4 am.


Amazingly, while the battleground states were supposedly taking a break from counting ballots, Joe Biden’s numbers skyrocketed overnight in the same states.  The only conclusion Trump’s team draws from that is they never stopped counting ballots, they simply began counting illegal ballots.

On Election Day night, Fulton County only reported results for roughly 86,000 absentee ballots, with the remaining 40,000 taking several extra days to be tabulated.

“Absentee ballot processing requires that each ballot is opened, signatures verified, and ballots scanned,” local media reported, trying to defend what was going on there.

“This is a labor-intensive process that takes longer to tabulate than other forms of voting. Fulton County did not anticipate having all absentee ballots processed on Election Day.”  Meanwhile, Fulton County is notorious for election problems popping up.  Talk to any Georgian and they know that most suspicious things go on in Fulton County than any other county in the state.

Okay, so it’s a labor-intensive process, but then how come Florida, which has a bigger population than New York, was able to count all of their ballots and have them reported on Election night?

Now we discover that the so-called broken water main turned out to be a stall tactic to allow tens of thousands of fraudulent Biden votes to be brought in during the middle of the night, and it was those ballots that helped whittle away Trump’s lead.  And the pattern fits with battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan where Biden’s numbers magically skyrocketed during the time when counting activities were supposedly shut down.

Apparently, it was a minor drip that was used as an excuse to claim that counting would be stopped while they cheat their rear ends off pushing through invalid ballots for Biden.

Apparently I local attorney, Paul Dzikowski sent a letter to the state asking for any information about the water main break to be sent to him.  He had the right to request the information under the Georgia Open Records Act.  In the act, it stipulates that full disclosure of records requests must be given within 3 business days.

The only records sent to Dzikowski were text messages between a state worker and Atlanta Hawks Sr. Vice President Geoffrey Stiles, who said that a slow leak was “contained quickly,” and that the entire incident was “highly exaggerated.”

Folks, this seems like yet another Democrat slight of hand scam.  Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft noted, “No repair orders or work orders or invoices from a plumber associated with this ‘burst pipe’ were provided. Nothing.”

Here’s the deal.  When the vote-counting centers said they were going to shut down the counting activities for the night and resume in the morning, something that was never done before, that was reason enough to tell the GOP observers to come back in the morning.  That means the Democrats had up to 20 hours of freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted with illegitimate ballots for Biden.

Spread the word we will #StopTheSteal.

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