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Israeli Health Official: 85-95% of New COVID Hospitalizations Among Fully Vaccinated, Belief in Vaccine Effectiveness Growing Dim

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

All along, the so-called medical “experts” told us to trust the science, and time and time again, we saw they were not taking their own advice.

The director of Israel’s leading center for respiratory care, Dr. Kobi Haviv, shared an important update with the Jewish State’s own Channel 13 news concerning breakthrough cases of COVID among their vaccinated population.

In Israel, between 85 and 90 percent of vaccinated people make up all new hospitalizations and account for about 95 percent of “severe” cases at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Dr. Haviv is saying that one patient infected is spreading the virus to “a large number of people” and that it’s not just an intermittent thing, but it’s happening quite frequently.

WATCH: (with subtitles)

According to Israeli health officials, the majority of their people have been fully vaccinated, up to 85 percent of those who are eligible to get vaccinated. From the estimated 9.3 million Israeli citizens, around 5.8 million of them have received at least one jab and 5.4 million are fully vaccinated.

Even though a majority of Israelis have gotten vaccinated, their country has experienced a fast jump in cases that have revealed equal to or more positive tests daily than the same time last year.

The Israeli Health Ministry used the data to justify strengthening mitigation restrictions for their totalitarian vaccine passports.

On Thursday, after the result of an emergency vote, citizens are now required to provide proof of vaccination, a positive test, or proof that they recovered recently from the virus to participate in most indoor and outdoor activities. If they are experiencing a high number of cases among their fully vaccinated populations, then what’s the point of proving you’ve been vaccinated? In other words, the Israeli people are no longer free.

What are the globalist tyrants going to do when 100 percent of their people are vaccinated, and yet they’re still coming down with COVID?

Included in the Israeli authoritarian dictates are restaurants, gymnasiums, and even outdoor parks. It’s a good thing they don’t have Black Lives Matter over there, otherwise they would see thousands of people out on their streets with no masks or social distancing like they do over here.

Unlike our own Democrat tyrants here in the US, religious houses of worship were taken off the Israeli restrictions list at the last minute. California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio could learn a thing or two there. All three are progressive leftist radical tyrants who fought the law, and the law won on religious liberties. They continued showing unequal treatment of houses of worship even after judges told them they were wrong. They just found newer ways of attacking people of faith.

Dr. Haviv’s experiences, combined with Israel’s high vaccination rate, are making it more and more clear that the experimental vaccines are not as effective as we were told when they told us to trust the science. People don’t catch variants of Polio after they’ve been vaccinated, right? This is why many credible people have been pushing for therapeutics to treat COVID patients until the pharmaceutical companies put their vaccines through the proper ringer, as it were, to get their final approval.

With all of that said, considering the high number of people testing positive and the case count reaching that of last year, the number of hospitalizations are not anywhere near last year’s counts as the number of people being admitted to the hospital has dropped off significantly, almost by 50 percent.

As CNN and MSNBC and the rest of that Fake News ilk are trying to credit the still experimental vaccines for the virus not causing as many deaths as last year, many believe it’s because of the use of the therapeutics we talked about earlier, specifically Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine protocols. I mean, would you rather get a jab of medicine that is still experimental and has a list of serious side effects for thousands of Americans including palsy, nerve damage, blood clots, heart inflammation, and death, or would you want to take four 3mg tablets of Ivermectin a day for four days to treat COVID in the event you catch it? The therapeutics route seems reasonable while we wait for the vaccine testing to run its course, but the radical globalists in charge will have none of it. They want everyone vaccinated and they want to make it hurt for those who refuse.

If countries around the world are experiencing similar numbers of what’s being reported by Israel, then why are governments pushing people to get vaccinated against their will? In the United States, for example, it’s not like there aren’t many places one can go to get vaccinated. If Americans are still not vaccinated at this point, it’s likely because they decided they don’t want to get vaccinated, and in a free society our government would respect that and not harass the unvaccinated to get the jab. That’s if we still lived in a free society.


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