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Is This The Largest Weapons Deal Of All Time? What Biden Gave The Taliban, Where Ollie North Says It Is Headed

The administration of Democrat Joe Bidden created one of the top military forces in the world, almost overnight, by gifting a massive number of weapons to the brutal Taliban, who are rumored to be giving some of their war booty to at least one other country – the Chinese Communist Party.

“Taliban terrorists now have the fourth largest military helicopter fleet in the world — behind only the U.S., Russia and China,” one political commentator posted on Twitter. 

The media is starting to come to terms with what Biden has done and with their shock over it all. For example, consider this column by Kevin Myers. “No one predicted that Biden would build up our enemies in this way,” Myers wrote.

According to retired Lt. Col Ollie North, the Chinese are taking some of the weapons around through the unsupervised places.

“In Kabul, the Pakistani Intelligence Service PSI and the  People’s Republic of China are collecting up US gear for moving to the border and they are going to export it for exploitation to the PPC, never underestimate the power of Blackmail,” North told Jesse Watters on Saturday.

A common sentiment from anyone with military experience is anger because they know something doesn’t make sense about the way the weapons and gear were handed over.

“If troops on a military base leave a single m16 or a single pair of NVGs out in the field, they literally shut down the entire base, no one allowed to come or go, everyone will be looking for that item all night long until it’s found. All of this equipment was given to our enemy,” a man with military experience wrote on Twitter.

One reporter posted a part of an interview with a veteran:

“GOP FL Rep on Fox on weapons left in Afghanistan: We’ve used those weapons. We’ve carried those weapons across the battlefield. We know what they can mean in terms of harm..The night vision that they now have..the gravest possible situation that our men could face.”

BWF Military News reported that the illustration of what was given away from the US Military is “a mind-blowing graphic in today’s Times on what $85bn worth of lost equipment means in practice for the Taliban”.  The son of President Donald J. Trump, Don Trump Jr., who wrote, “For perspective… $85,000,000,000 worth of military being left to Taliban Terrorists means that each and every man, woman, and child in American contributed about $265 to their terrorist cause assuming +/-320 mil citizens. Well done Democrats!”

The truth of what they have is bewildering.

Ronny Jackson, Congressman from Texas, reacted and wrote: “Thanks to Joe Biden, the Taliban is now one of the best-equipped militaries in the WORLD. Was allowing our advanced military hardware to fall into Taliban hands one of his “contingencies?” A mentally competent President would’ve NEVER let this happen!”

On Sunday, Rep. Brian Mast, R-Florida, charged that American weapons “inventory” is now being used against the U.S. military members in Afghanistan.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Mast charged the inventory “was given to them by President [Joe] Biden.”

“That inventory that our U.S. service members are now having to fight against, we used those weapons,” Mast said.

The damage from this move by Biden will no doubt be unfolding for a long time.


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